Michael Friebele

Michael Friebele

Dallas, TX, US


OCT Chengdu

The design creates a synergy between the flow of people. Its visual dynamism is rendered from the overall form to the texture of detail, conveying a strong sense of movement throughout various points of the day.

The architecture in turn becomes a strong, clear statement upon which no two moments of interaction will ever be the same. The scheme as a result takes a singular move and renders its appearance as a message that conveys the entertainment function of the project. Within the overall district the design aims to become the dynamic focal point.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Chengdu, CN
My Role: Lead Designer - Exterior Shell Concept
Additional Credits: CallisonRTKL

Wang Cai
Richard Huang
Yung-Jen Tai
Dan Wang
Rodrigo Tarriba
Xing He