Michael Herpy

Michael Herpy

Greensboro, NC, US

Exterior 1 - Auditorium Entry
Exterior 1 - Auditorium Entry
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Wellington 4-8 School

project     Wellington 4-8 School - Wellington Exempted Village School District
year         2013-2015
scope      80,000sf new construction; includes 600-seat auditorium
purpose  re-locate Middle School to existing High School site.  Create a new performing arts venue both for school district and for community at large.
results    scheduled for August 2015 completion.
role         project architect. currently conceptual through schematic design; auditorium conceptual design

*note - this project was completed while working at ThenDesign Architecture.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Wellington, OH, US

Interior 1 - Auditorium Interior
Interior 1 - Auditorium Interior