Michael Hackspill

Michael Hackspill

New York, NY, US



I am a registered architect in France, where I also gained my professional degree in architecture.
I have recently relocated permanently to New York and I hold an employment permit.
As I am currently working toward licensure in New York State, I have gained critical knowledge about Building and Zoning Codes. Moreover, I am becoming familiar with Passive House Standard.

I am passionate by the housing field and by the renovation/expansion of existing buildings. 
I also value passive design to promote well-being and healthy environments through the implementation of bio sourced materials.

I worked for fifteen years as a project designer and manager in well established firms of small and medium sized in France, on a variety of new and renovation-extension projects, including housing, schools, public facilities, health centers.

I had the opportunity to develop projects from start to finish, with a strong sense of responsability, a commitment to sustainability, and an open mind appreciated by my colleagues and clients. 

Thanks to my creative abilities, curiosity for progressive design, and rigorous attitude, I was able to integrate the programmatic needs, the various requirements of consultants and engineers, and work within budget constraints, without compromising the design intentions. 

I was responsible for two major projects to the north of Paris, including a new 85,000 sf Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation Center, and a 90,000 sf High School, a complex renovation-extension of existing buildings, with a large variety of interior and exterior finishes. 
Likewise, I was recently responsible for the design of two housing projects comprising publicly-assisted and market-rate dwellings in Paris and its near suburbs.


Hubert et Roy Architectes et Associés, Paris, FR, Project Designer and Manager

In charge of all phases of project development: architecture competition, design phase, application for planning permission, contract documents (working plans and finishes), coordinating with engineers and other consultants, bidding and participation to the award procedure, supervising of construction process.

May 2003 - Oct 2015

Auger et Rambeaud Architectes, Colmar, FR, Project Designer

In charge of architecture competition, design phase, working plans and finishes, coordinating with engineers and other consultants, associate through supervising of construction process.

Sep 2000 - Apr 2003


Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, Paris, FR, Engineering and Architecture of High Environmental Quality

Sustainable Architecture

Jan 2008 - Nov 2008

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, FR, MArch, Architecture


Sep 1994 - Sep 1999

Areas of Specialization