Matthew R. Graham, AIA

Matthew R. Graham, AIA

New York, NY, US


Corona's Plaza


Corona’s Plaza was a comprehensive research and design project at Corona Plaza, Queens. The project team worked using critical participatory processes and engagement with the local community to study and propose a series of policy, community and physical designs. The process of involving diverse community members — including immigrant communities that are frequently uninvolved in the planning and development process — sought to have community members determine the long-term development of the site, and to exert ownership over public space to ensure its long-term functionality and importance within Corona.

In practice, this required the activation of a newly-created pedestrian plaza at a subway stop in Corona, Queens through both architectural/urban and social/ephemeral interventions. I designed information graphics after analyzing historic and census data about the Corona community, conducted field research of the site and the (7) subway train, coordinated with Queens College students, Queen's Museum of Art officials, and NYC DOT officials, and helped plan and construct a model of the site to be used for community interaction and engagement.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer with Change Administration: Design, Research, Graphics, Model-Building
Additional Credits: Change Administration (Aurash Khawarzad) with DSGN AGNC in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art, Queens College, Social Practice Queens, NY Designs, and others