Megan Parker

Megan Parker

Durban, ZA



I am an outgoing 22 year old student from The Institute of Style Design College in South Africa. I have a passion for life and interior design. As a young creative college student I am working toward my Degree in Interior Design and aim to complete my course at the end of 2012.

I am currently seeking an internship in the United States of America to gain more knowledge in order to acquire the background necessary for a good future career in interior design.

I have attached a resume that will provide you with information about my accomplishments and skills while considering applicants for this position. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me


Megan Parker



PGA Architects, Durban, Interior Design Assistant

-Meet with clients to determine their taste and budget and how the space will be used.
- View the space for physical details. Take notes and measurements.
- Advise the client on interior design factors, such as space planning and color coordination.
- Researching and drawing up rough plans
- Producing mood / concept boards
- Developing detailed designs, (using Auto CAD 2011/2012, Artlantis v4.1, Sketchup v7)
- Choosing materials, selecting fabric and paint swatches for clients
- Developing detailed designs/ 3D renders (Artlantis V4.1 and Adobe Photoshop CS5/6)

May 2012 - Sep 2012


Style Design College, Durban, BArch, Interior Design


- Design Fundamentals I : Modelmaking I, Typography I, Interior Design & Presentation I, Graphic Interpretation )
- Design / Building Technology I
- Computing I (Design Communication) : Photoshop I and AutoCAD I
- Decorating I (Applied Decoration and Practice) : Theory and Practice
- Drawing for Design I (Design Communication) : Construction Drawing I and Perspective Drawing I
- Design Theory I


- Interior Design Practice II : Design Fundamentals II, Typography II, Interior Design II
- Business Studies II (Professional Practice)
- Presentation Methods II (Design Communication) : Modelmaking II, Computing II, Perspective Drawing II, Presentation Methods II
- Design Theory II


- interior Design Practice III – incl Design Fundamentals III, Typography III, Interior Design III
- Design Technology III – incl Interior Construction Drawing III and Building Services III
- Business Studies III (Professional Practice)
- Presentation Methods III (Design Communication) - incl Modelmaking III, Computing III, Perspective Drawing III, Presentation Methods III
- Design Theory II
- Internship III

Jan 2009 - current

Areas of Specialization