Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

Phoenix, AZ, US



Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I attended Arizona State University and began my undergraduate in Civil Engineering.  I went on to finish two masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Design.  Living most of my life in the desert, I was able to study environmental design year round with an emphasis on hot -arid climates.  However, I was awarded opportunities to study architecture in Spain for 6 weeks and Buenos Aires for 6 months and I used my experiences in those countries as inspiration for my capstone project "Intersecting Intersections"

On a more personal side, I am a die-hard roller-coaster fanatic and am a member of both the American Coaster Enthusiast (ACE) and Theme Park Review  .  I have a passion for unique design of all kinds from cars to cloths and I believe travel is the best education we can give ourselves.  


Compass Chiropractic, Phoenix, AZ, US, Office Manager

I began working as the front desk representative for a chiropractic firm during my undergraduate. I was given the opportunity to go through physical therapy certification to become a CA. After moving up to head CA, I was asked to design the interior of the new office and became the office manager.

Mar 2005 - Feb 2011

Motley Design Group, Phoenix, AZ, US, Intern

This was a 5-week internship that was extended to 6 months after my initial review. In addition to drafting and design work, I was able to attend and report on city entitlement meetings and design review boards. I also had the opportunity to do some surveying and remodeling of existing homes and buildings in Phoenix.

Jun 2010 - Jan 2011

City of Mesa, Mesa, AZ, US, Program Assistant

I was brought on to re-write the historic homes remodeling guidelines into layman's terms for homeowners within the City of Mesa. I was able to draft illustrations and examples of acceptable home alterations and paraphrase the rules for renovating a home declared to be in a historic district.

Nov 2006 - Apr 2007


Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, Masters, MUD College of Design

After the first year, because of my performance and GPA, I was recommended and offered the opportunity to pursue a dual concurrent masters degree and receive an additional masters degree for one more year of study. I began the Master's of Urban Design program in June of 2009 and studied under professors from MIT and Harvard.

Jun 2009 - May 2012

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, MArch, MArch College of Design

In 2008 I began the 3+ program at ASU after receiving my bachelors degree. The projects were progressively set up to begin with local projects then national projects and finally international projects. While there I was awarded Design Excellence, a spot in the international Argentina Abroad program and the opportunity to pursue are second masters degree.

Jun 2008 - May 2012

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US, Bachelors, Design Studies

I began my undergraduate in Civil Engineering with my emphasis on Structural Engineering. Maintaining an interest in design, in my third year I began taking introduction to Architecture courses and decided that was the course for me. I discovered that I could join the 3+ plus Architecture program and for my masters and changed my major to Design of the Built Environment.

Aug 2003 - Dec 2007


Design Excellence, 1st Place

Top design for the Fall of '11 semester.


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