Marshall Brown Projects

Marshall Brown Projects

Chicago, IL

Smooth Growth™ model for Washington Park, Chicago
Smooth Growth™ model for Washington Park, Chicago


Smooth Growth™ urban design services are for restructuring urban areas in periods of depopulation. This is a step forward from failed urban planning proposals that depend on higher density and infill development as the only remedies for neighborhoods with flat or negative growth.

The absence of growth must no longer be an obstacle to the improvement of neighborhoods. By implementing a complementary series of urban design strategies and planning policies, neighborhoods can evolve into more flexible urban structures that not only accommodate, but also leverage the surplus of open landscape produced by uneven development.

Smooth Growth™ is a model strategy for a new urban structure where neighbors have opportunities for collective self-determination and responsibility. The rigid urban grid is overlaid with a softer system of land stewardship and land formation. Public and private zones are no longer in conflict, but fluidly woven together to create a 21st century garden city.

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