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Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
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Trinity Church Wall Street

Rejuvenating a Lower Manhattan icon from the inside out, MBB helped Trinity Church Wall Street refocus its core building around worship and music—and become more sustainable. 

The six-year effort went beyond restoration, transforming the historic 1840s building and adjacent churchyard with accessibility, lighting, acoustic, and infrastructure upgrades as well as new clergy and visitor spaces that reflect the church’s humanistic values.

Starting with an intensive research process that engaged the Trinity Church community, our team developed a phased master plan to address decades of deferred maintenance and meet contemporary program and space needs. Quieter, more energy-efficient mechanical equipment and protective glazing result in improved acoustics in the sanctuary, enabling people to enjoy the full tonal richness of word, song, and music. The terraces and landscape surrounding the church were enhanced with accessible bluestone paths and a cantilevered steel-and-glass canopy to shelter liturgical processions.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Client: Trinity Church Wall Street
Construction Manager: Sciame Construction
Restoration Consultant: Building Conservation Associates
Structural Engineer: Silman
MEP Engineer: AKF
Stained-Glass Restoration Consultant: Brianne Van Vorst, Liberty Stained Glass Conservation
Stained-Glass Expert: Drew Anderson, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Stained-Glass Artist: Thomas Denny
Stained Glass Installation Contractor: Femenella & Associates
Stained-Glass Restoration Contractors: Clagnan Stained Glass Studio; Northeast Stained Glass; Serpentino Stained Glass
Lighting Designer: Melanie Freundlich Lighting Design
Acoustic Consultant: Threshold Acoustics
Organ Design Consultant: Johnathon Ambrosino
Organ Acoustical Consultant: Kirkegaard Acoustic Design
Organ Designers and Fabricators: Orgelbau Glatter-Gotz; Richards, Fowkes & Co.
Historic Artwork Conservation: EverGreene Architectural Arts
Historic Millwork: Strauss-Creative Finishes
New Millwork Contractor: Zepsa Industries
Stone Restoration: Rugo Stone
Masonry Restoration Contractor: Integrated Conservation Contracting
Glass Awning Fabricator: Seele
Structural Glass Design Consultant: Eckersley O’ Callaghan
Electrical Contractor: B&G Electrical
Historic Paint Conservation: John Canning & Co.
Plaster and Paint Restoration: John Tiedemann
Cast-Iron Restoration: Robinson Iron

Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Christopher Payne/Esto
Photo © Christopher Payne/Esto
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photo © Colin Winterbottom
Photos © Colin Winterbottom
Photos © Colin Winterbottom