Massimo Mazzone/Giacomo Tringali

Massimo Mazzone/Giacomo Tringali

Venice, IT


“Slancio”: Public Art in Venice, a new sculpture for the Marco Polo Airport (Italy)

By ACA Press & Communication
Oct 29, '14 2:32 PM EST

The SAVE (Venice Marco Polo-Tessera Airport) in 2012 announced an international competition for the erection of a sculpture in the Venetian airport.

In 2013, the Commission responsible selected ten finalists among many participants, which included artists and architects.

The winning group was Mazzone/Tringali with their project entry "Slancio"(Lunge) which was dedicated to the theme of flight and work.

The form of the artwork (a constructed sculpture, neither modeled nor sculpted) was inserted into the architectural functional space, respecting the atmosphere of the Venice lagoon, resembling the trajectory of an airplane on takeoff and landing, as well as a plow or a gondola rowlock.

'Slancio' consists of a triangular prism of COR-TEN steel that features a curvilinear movement (helical), rising from the ground through an anchorage in the subsurface: 50 cubic meters of sunken concrete plinth and nine micro piles, 9 meters each.

From that little anchor-point in the ground, the sculpture emerges diagonally to almost 4 meters. Rising to the sky, and outlining a wide corner that reaches 9 meters in height and gradually tapering to the end, as a wing.

The reddish color of CORT-TEN A steel is harmoniously combined with the red brick of this interesting airport designed by architect Mar.

During the night, a soft cone of light, from below, illuminates and defines the volumes of the sculpture, marking and alternating light, shadow and gloomy parts.

The winning group, including Massimo Mazzone (Professor of Sculpture’s Techniques at the Accademia di Belle Arti di and Giacomo Tringali (winner of the Trento Cles is composed of  engineer Andrea Imbrenda (Excellence in Structural Engineering Award del Nacional Council of Structural Engineers Associations degli Stati Uniti d',  architect Federico Dal Brun (who has contributed the graphical part),  architect Nicola Cabiati (developed 3D modeling step) and sculptors Osvaldo Tiberti and Michele D'Agostino (made previous models of the work).

The sculpture will be all set for installation in 2015, in the bed in front of the boarding area.