Mayank Sahai

Mayank Sahai

New Delhi, IN


DRAW_Gajender's Residence


It is the choreography of parts that has allowed the wonderful living experience to this interior endeavor.What began on a simple brief to design a
house of family of 2 sister, mother and father, started from the amalgamation of & individual space to create an opportunity for one large house.
The central atrium exactly does that while protecting their individual identity in their private/ intimate spaces (bedrooms), it embraces everybody
in the central open spaces, also referred as ‘Brahma Sthan ‘in traditional Indian architecture. Beside its physical characteristics, the house allows
each member of the family to nourish their individual character but at the same time celebrates the collective identity. This is the true success of this
challenging project. The residence sits in an urban fabric where the immediate context is a busy street and a lack of foliage for the house to
respond to. The house is designed on a plot measuring 45’x90’, located in a typical Indian neighbourhood anking the busy street. This along with
the use of wood as a dominant material accentuates the warmth in all the spaces, with the furniture chosen to mimic installations in space. The
family in the central part of the house is designed in such a way that it can be converted into a guest bedroom. Convertible sofa and sliding
partition make the space exible.

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Status: Built
Location: Ghaziabad, IN