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Matt Torres

Jersey City, NJ, US

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Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture, Austin, TX, US, Project Manager

Working directly with Alan Barley & Peter Pfeiffer was my introduction to site specific, high-performance architecture. Essentially, making intelligent design choices that go well beyond the use of green, sustainable materials. We specialized in efficient, high-end custom homes, but also took on large-scale commercial construction and energy consultation. My time employed here granted me the opportunity to use Revit; not only as a documenting tool, but as a means to evaluate our buildings prior to construction. These complex BIM models gave us the ability to combat the relentless Texas sun and design houses that were beautiful, comfortable, and efficient to live in.

Nov 2016 - Dec 2017

J.L. Ramirez Architects, New York, NY, US, Project Manager

Working for Jose Ramirez allowed me to be involved in nearly every aspect of project development; from schematic design, all the way through CD’s & project management. Our office specialized in high-end residential construction & renovations, however, I also gained invaluable experience doing small-scale commercial work. Additionally, my time spent under Jose’s tutelage allowed me to further hone my skills, especially when it came to managing & balancing a client’s expectation vs. the built reality.

Sep 2013 - Dec 2016

Makawe Interiors, Brooklyn, NY, US, Interiors Consultant

During my time as a consultant with this Brooklyn-based interior designer; I surveyed, photographed, and drew various homes, offices, and apartments. I also aided in the design of custom furniture pieces and assisted in the selection of furniture for over a dozen different clients. My time working with Ms. Cohen also allowed me to establish new methods of presenting my work; allowing for increased client interaction & project development. This included the use of SketchUp models, renderings, detailed drawings, diagrams & images to further convey design.

Nov 2013 - Jul 2016

Hal Dorfman Architect, New York, NY, US, Intern Architect

Working for Mr. Dorfman was a much-needed introduction to the phases of project development. Our office focused on small apartment renovations, however, during my time there I created BIM models and renderings on a new, single-family residence. This, along with general office duties such as keeping drawing logs, record management, and generating submittals and NYC DOB documents allowed me to develop many of the valuable skills that I carry with me today.

May 2012 - Aug 2013

B&B Sheet Metal, Long Island City, NY, US, Intern Architect

B&B was my first real experience in the architecture field. Interning here presented me with an early opportunity to put together a set of construction documents. One perk that came with working in the factory was that it allowed me to see how some of the things I had been working on were being put together.

Sep 2011 - Sep 2012

Cercone Exterior Restorations, Bronx, NY, US, Intern Architect

Working for Mr. Cercone allowed me discover the inherent value in routine site visits. Documenting complicated existing conditions and site context with sketches and photos was paramount in our work. In addition, a large amount of time was spent implementing a new CAD drafting standard that promoted productivity and collaboration among all job team members

Jan 2012 - May 2012


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York, NY, US, BArch, Architecture and Design

Sep 2008 - May 2013

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