Matthew LaBrake

Matthew LaBrake

Sag Harbor, NY, US


Community Rowing

     What was once a post industrial waste-land is now considered to be one of the World’s Intellectual Capitals, Kendall Square has a centuries old heritage of fostering ideas that change the world.  Today Kendall Square is one of the most influential life science communities in the world.  Kendall Square’s transformation is attributed to the convergence of a robust academic and entrepreneurial environment.  Linked directly to the Charles River, Kendall Square also offers an escape form urban life to the natural shoreline environment.  However it’s an emerging district that has yet to develop a true sense of identity, particularly the spatial sequence of public spaces.  With this typology of use comes a new social dynamic that may challenge preconceived ideas of space making and architectural forms.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Cambridge, MA, US
My Role: Lead Designer