Mathieu Tronel

Mathieu Tronel

Miami, FL, US



I am a recent graduate from Florida International University with a Master's degree. During my six years at FIU i have learned all the phases to approach and complete an architecture project. Site analysis, conceptual design, sustainability, materials of construction, graphic design, construction drawings have all been mastered during my studies. 

The architecture i thrive to produce incorporates innovative design with technology, sustainability and an important connection with the site and location. 

My passion for architecture is a reflection of my desire and curiosity to learn. I believe each project is unique and has to be treated in that manner as programs and location constantly changes, making architecture an exciting career and a life worth of investigation.

Finally, i believe architecture goes beyond the physical aspects of buildings, as it alters the way we perceive the world, and how we interact with each other.


Florida International University, Miami, FL, US, Masters, Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2015

Areas of Specialization