Mateo Arquitectura

Mateo Arquitectura

Barcelona, ES



The Factory stands at the corner of Cours Emile Zola and Rue Kermen, on the Trapèze Ouest, in the centre of the new district of Île-Seguin Rives de Seine.

The main façade, overlooking Cours Emile Zola, covers 100 metres of the site and stands 18 metres high. The materials are chosen to intensify the solid appearance of the building and highlight the impression of variation begun with the central fold and the openings of the windows. Panels of aluminium and Corten steel clad the concrete bearing structure, of which only the base is visible. The roof consists of zinc panels, a modern, aesthetic and long-lasting material.

The visitor’s gaze is drawn immediately to the porch, on the ground floor, which is both the main entrance to the building and a passage running through the city block. It is a large opening: five metres high, 13 metres wide and 18 metres deep. It is paved with Chinese granite, intentionally left unworked to be consistent with the adjacent pavements managed by the Boulogne-Billancourt City Authority. Pedestrians are invited to walk through to the private garden of 500 m² beyond, made up of large spaces with open ground and tall trees.

Beneath the porch, a doorway provides entrance to the building, leading into a large 130 m² foyer. Chinese granite, in this case polished, is also used for the floor, ensuring continuity with the outside. The materials used are predominantly grey to give the foyer an impression of sobriety. Large windows enclose the space, providing communication with the outside and drawing in light and space.

The building has eight levels: a ground floor and seven upper levels, reached by stairs or a central lift with a glazed interior that affords visitors views of the outside, overlooking the garden, on their way up:

  • 1st floor: 2100m², characterized by a large open space of 100 m²
  • 2nd floor: 2000 m², with an inner courtyard of 140 m2 overlooking the exterior
  • 3rd floor: 1890 m², characterized by skylights, an outdoor terrace of 50 m² with views of the garden
  • 4th floor: 1650 m², a 50 m² outdoor terrace overlooking the garden
  • 5th and 6th floors: each covering 1650 m²
  • 7th floor: 1500 m², a south-facing terrace and a 270 m² mezzanine

Each floor is lined with windows, allowing light to flood in and multiplying the sensation of space. The mezzanine on the seventh floor offers a breathtaking view of Paris, with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

Returning to the ground floor, a restaurant area is fitted out with a view to future activities in the building, allowing employees to have lunch in a pleasant setting without leaving their place of work. This 130 m² hall seats 140 persons. The carpeting, Texaa products and resin were chosen for their acoustic properties and the comfort of future users. For visual comfort, the furnishings, fittings and wall claddings come in hues of red, orange and grey, creating an image that is both modern and sober.

Finally, in the basement, five floors covering 1600 m² offer 250 parking places, of which 40 are for motorcycles. As the building stands on floodable ground, a system of diaphragm walls keeps the space completely hermetic and ensures overall maintenance.

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Status: Built
Location: Boulogne-Billancourt, FR
Firm Role: Project manager
Additional Credits: NAME: The Factory
LOCATION: ZAC Île Seguin - Rives de Seine
PROJECT MANAGER: Mateo Arquitectura / Josep Lluís Mateo
INVESTOR: Compagnie La Lucette (ICADE)
COORDINATING ARCHITECT: Patrick Chavanne, macro plot A3
BRIEF: Office building and landscaping of a public garden
COST: 37. 8 million euros
DATES: 2006 – 2010
STUDIES: 2006-2008
SITE WORK: 2008-2010