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MASS Design Group launches 2014 theme 'Beyond the Building'

Annie Moulton
Feb 19, '14 7:32 PM EST

Today, MASS Design Group launches 'Beyond the Building'.

What does Beyond the Building mean? It's simple: great Architecture is more than just a building because it impacts our lives and the lives of the people around us. This idea speaks our core values at MASS because it articulates the immense power of architecture to effect change. Whether that be through what materials are used, what skilled labor is hired, or what economic impact can be catalyzed, the effect and value of architecture goes well Beyond the Building.  

But there’s certainly no single meaning. Watch our new video Beyond the Building on our website and help us articulate what Beyond the Building means to you. Our hashtag #beyondthebuilding will host a catalog of these impact statements through the course of the year - helping us all redefine what Architecture is, not from its cost, but from its impact.