Mason Brown

Mason Brown

Lincoln, NE, US


The Introvert

This project brings the idea of ‘Brutalism’ into a new light. Breaching the boundaries of what is expected, the free-flowing interior space takes the user by surprise. By providing a rigid yet comforting and encapsulating space, the user has a sense of abnormality about their surroundings. Met by a large floor of solid water and three separated pools sunk into the floor, the user is always in contact with the water allowing them to become a part of the space. Vertical and horizontal shafts of light enter through voids in the thick walls, allowing wind and the elements to enter the interior space. The heat from the bath(s), the radiant floor heating system, and the concrete acting as a thermal mass, provides enough heat to keep the space warm even in a cold climate.

The primary goal of this project was to design a bath house, based off of a precedent of our choice, for a site located east of downtown Lincoln, NE. Fit with a lobby, gender neutral bathrooms, showers, changing areas, lockers, and 3 'bathing' pools (hot, warm, cold). 

Located below are images of the rockite model. 

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Status: School Project