Masha Cohn

Masha Cohn

Miami Beach, FL, US


Mist Pavilion

A submission for a competition hosted by the museum of fine arts Houston, for a deployable pavilion to interview the residents of Houston about their relationship with art and the museum, The concept for the pavilion was derived from analyzing the process of an interview. In an interview, there are two opposing sides. The interviewer and the interviewee. One asks questions, the other answers. This opposition is a form of duality. Duality as captured by Adolph Gottlieb in his painting Mist Is light versus dark. Even though the two appear to be in conflict: One cannot exist without the other and together they make a whole. For the artist the thing connecting light and dark - was the mist.

Mist focuses on facilitating a conversation while erasing the inherent hierarchy of an interview. Mist embodies the duality of an interview in its form – one half white and round while the other black and angular - but unifies the two seemingly
disconnected halves by the exchange of sound. The sound mirrors amplify and concentrate the conversation – allowing for an interview to occur across great distances while maintaining clarity. For the pavilion the interview is the mist.

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US
My Role: Designer