Donisia Martin

Donisia Martin

Washington, DC, US


[re] Discover Life: The Interaction of Design and Health

This thesis focuses on exploring the question: can design create a point of interaction
and interest where connection between city and society is achieved ? The typology
for exploring this project is a recreational fitness circuit that runs along the
intersection of North Avenue and Greenmount Avenune in the Barclay district of
Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore has a high obesity rate and this is because of personal
factors, aesthetic factors, but most importantly environmental factors. A study has
shown that people tend to be obese if their neighborhood is perceived as unsafe and
this site is unsafe, poor, and abandoned, but has a visual richness as a place. Movement
is life. This location gets maximum activity and what better way to promote physical
and health in design at transit hub. A fitness circuit can promote health through
physical activity to give the people of Barclay control of their physical health and
Key words: obesity, health, fitness, movement

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Status: School Project
My Role: Thesis