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May 14, '13 4:47 PM EST
Street View 02
Street View 02

Marques&Jordy have been selected to design the new brand for car centres

London based studio, Marques&Jordy (M&J), have been announced as the winners of an invitation only competition to develop the design of a new kind of car expo and showroom centres across China, the Oasis Expo Centres.
The movement and the curved lines of sports cars inspire the design of the centre, a showcase of a dream world of top automobile brands, attracting motor sport enthusiastic new customers. The exhibition centre uses state of the art materials and technology, all the way from construction through the centre’s life ensuring it achieves high standards of performance.
The client is a young and visionary Chinese developer group aspiring to improve the urban landscape of new cities. Reflective surfaces and bright colours together with the curve profile help to create an iconic new centre of town. A first car centre of Oasis Exhibition Centres, with total enclosed area of 60,000sq.m., is located in Longquan District, Chengdu, China and its scheduled to start on site in September 2013.

“It’s commonly believed that China has no creativity and all buildings look the same, as copies of each other. This couldn’t be further from the truth. China’s cities are an inspirational burst of creativity and engineering. At Marques&Jordy, we believe in 'Creating Love Through Design', with the Oasis Expo Centres, we are transforming the love for sports cars into sensational architecture. M&J aims to create iconic designs that engage emotions and we are delighted to see the young Chinese clients have the same passion in 'building a Beautiful China' said Yu Jordy Fu, Creative Director at Marques&Jordy.

Notes to Editor: About Marques & Jordy |
Founded in London, Marques & Jordy is driven by a pursuit of creating love through design. Their aim is to create environments that engage emotions through architectural concepts and product design contributing for a sustainable future.

Marques & Jordy is a tightly knit team of highly skilled young professionals with a diverse mix of nationalities speaking 8 languages throughout their studios globally. Their combined creativity and skills in the latest digital modelling and visualising techniques like BIM, parametric and generative design, offers vibrant and dynamic mix results. Together they create art, architecture, urban planning, interior design, exhibition and product design. M&J is passionate and committed to challenge and transform conventional nodes of design. The team’s collaborative approach extends clients ambitions, producing award winning and ground breaking work.

Yu Jordy Fu will gave a talk at the TED Conference 2013 in California on 26 February, having been selected from a year- long search and auditions in 14 cities in 6 continents. 
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