Marisol Barba Loza

Marisol Barba Loza

San Diego, CA, US

Presentation Board 1-3
Presentation Board 1-3
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Mid-College Area

The College Area community is located in
the central part of the City of San Diego,
along the southern rim of Mission Valley and
approximately eight miles northeast of the
downtown area. It is a residential community
which has been impacted by San Diego
State University (SDSU) located on its
northern edge and a deteriorating
commercial corridor on its southern edge.
The residents of the community wish to
preserve the well-maintained single-family
character of their neighborhoods, but there is
also a need to provide additional multifamily
housing in the community to house the
growing university population. The plan area
consists of approximately 1,950 acres and is
develope primarily as a single-family
community with approximately 56 percent of
the developable land devoted to that use.
The present resident population totals
approximately 19,000 people, but a large
number of nonresidents enter the community
daily to attend school or work at SDSU. Two
main arteries, Fairmount Avenue/
Montezuma Road and College Avenue,
connect I-8 to the community.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Diego, CA, US
My Role: Urban Planning, Concept and Schematic Designs, Site Analysis, Diagramming, Project Co-Ordination, Preparation of Presentation Boards, Team Work & Time Management.
Additional Credits: Daphnie D'Costa, Golnar Haddad, Roya Kalantari, Jessica Perea

Presentation Board 2-3
Presentation Board 2-3
Presentation Board 3-3
Presentation Board 3-3