Maribel Cervantes Ochoa

Maribel Cervantes Ochoa

Hong Kong, HK



What do I believe in Multidisciplinary teams?

The great concern began when the moment of choosing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was approaching.  The analytic academic training I received had great influence on me, I asked myself..... ¿Why do I have to choose only one discipline? .......This question came to my mind every time I observed the lifestyle we currently have, where absolutely everything is connected and related. For me, the term   ”design”, it’s an activity that most of the people practice and in general design is used to find solutions to the problems created by our everyday lifestyles. “Design” covers every single discipline but my choice was Architecture and Fashion & Textile Design.  I have chosen those disciplines because its essence is to protect human beings, Architecture from the exterior and textiles the skin.

For textile & fashion design we also do not need more brands or textiles that offer us the same product in the market. What we DO need to question is the current manufacture process as well as our clothing consumption, which we see as disposable. Both disciplines are and will always be a face and way of expression, for that reasons the purpose, planning, production, material selection and possible alternatives should be designed to cover the users needs and to last in time.

I consider that the most efficient and complete work teams are those who integrate experts from different disciplines. In that way, each one contributes with their knowledge and their different perspectives enrich the projects in order to succeed the problem solving.

As a professional goal, in the future I intend to continue human behavioral sciences, social trends and in material research applied in problem solving. 


BICG The Innovation Consulting Group, Mexico, MX, Architect and designer consultant

Spanish consulting group focused in new ways of working (NWOW) and innovative solutions to help (white collars) people improve their daily working life through spaces, culture, technology and new processes. The solutions applied are previously approved by a German investigation center.

Feb 2015 - current

Aztec Steels, Puebla de los Angeles, MX, Urban housing Designer

Tailored made urban housing designs for the national teachers labour union

Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

Memoria Design Center, Puebla de los Angeles, MX, Interior and Furniture Designer

Tailored made furniture design and Interior design

Jul 2014 - Sep 2014

Textiles Capri, Puebla de los Angeles, MX, Pattern Desinger

Pattern designer and supervisor of production

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

Grupo Kinética, Monterrey, MX, Architect Designer Internship

Architect and designer in new material and product research development to solve specific spacial and object solutions.

Jan 2013 - May 2013


Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX, BArch, Architect with a minor in Interior Design

Theory of Architecture
Culture and Civilization
Mexican studies: Society and Culture
Basic Drawing Techniques
Design and 2d Composition
Differential Calculus
Geometry and Perspective
Design and 3d Composition
Myth and Symbols in Architecture
Classic mechanics
Classic mechanics laboratory
Topographic Studies
Architecture representation I Studio
Material Resistance
Architecture representation II Studio
Structural Concepts
Elements of Architecture Studio
History of Moderns Architecture
History of Occidental Architecture
Architectural Computer Design
Social Formation Studio I
Leading Program
Design and 3d Modeling
History of Latin-American Architecture
Concrete Structures
Installations and Equipment
Living Architecture Studio
Steel Structures
Advanced Installation
Context and Architectonic Studio
History of non-Occidental Architecture
Construction materials
Sustainable Architecture Studio I
Theory of sustainable Architecture
Techniques and Construction processes
Color and Material in Architecture
Art Theory
Effective oral and writing communication
Church Social Thinking
Geographic Information System Analysis
Building Costs and Budget
Social Studio
Urban Fundaments
Global Competence
Urban Design Studio
Global Scenarios, Tendencies and Dilemmas
Statistics and its interpretation
Architecture Internship
Integral Architecture Studio
Architectonic Preservation
Construction Project Management
Illumination and Acoustic Design
Advanced Construction Project Management
Architectonic Investigation
IT Basics
Interior Design Studio
Final Evaluation Program

Aug 2007 - May 2014

Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, MX, Bachelors, Fashion & Textiles Design

Introduction seminar to Fashion and Textile Design
Culture and Civilization
Mexican studies: Society and Culture
Basic Drawing Techniques
Design and 2d Composition
Human Figure Drawing
Mexican studies: Politics and Economics
Design and 3d Composition
Drawing and Digital Image
Basic Textile Patterns
Photography Fundamentals
Introduction to Confection
Advance Drawing with model
Women Fashion Design Studio
Industrial Textile Patterns
Fibers and Strings
Culture of sociology
Introduction to the Modern Concept
Children Fashion Design Studio
Plain Knitting
Digital Photography
Social Formation Studio I
Leading Program
Administration Fundaments
Accessories Design Studio
Textile Pattern Transformation
Fashion Design Internship
Fashion Digital Pattern Trace
Personal Image Design Studio
Art Theory
Effective oral and writing communication
Church Social Thinking
Men Fashion Design Studio
Social Studio
Small Businesses Finance
Textile Production Process
Brand Administration
Global Competence
Global Scenarios, Tendencies and Dilemmas
Statistics and its interpretation
Textile Pattern Design Studio
IT Basics
Final Evaluation Program

Aug 2007 - May 2014

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK, Urban Design

Half Master of Urban Design Studio

Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

Nanjing University, Nanjing, CN, Language and International Business

Half Program of a cultural business Master. Mandarin lessons

Feb 2012 - Jun 2012

Areas of Specialization