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 A R C H I T E C T

Accomplished Architect/Designer, with proven expertise in design development, planning and coordination of activities in all levels of multiple architectural, design and construction projects, experience in the application of strategies to maximize the efficient use of human resources and maintain functions such as clients accounts, consultants, vendors, schedule and budgets. Strong leader, productivity and results focused professional consistently aligning strategies with business goals and objectives in key projects not only in the architectural field, including profitability, revenue and productivity. Proven track of managing variety of architectural projects, construction as well as design, furniture design, development of new products, marketing and sales, create and management of strategic alliances, training and development activities.

  • Bilingual, Fluent in English and Spanish spoken and written.
  • Ability to adapt to diverse, demanding and challenging work environments, while successfully managing all aspect of architectural design, construction and sales of project/closing contracts.
  • Excellent graphic and design skills specialized in high-end residential, hospitality, corporate, healthcare and sport projects.
  • Familiar with LEED standards application, code compliance analysis, zoning and use of international standards.
  • Established architectural designer of several projects in diverse areas as corporate, retail, urban design and industrial.
  • Good under-pressure performer, who adapts easily, to change and adapt, with leadership qualities motivated and able to motivate collaborators and co-workers with a solutions provider and yet professional behavior.
  • Highly effective at providing efficient leadership in all phases of a project, contracts, payments, schedules, personnel performance management and work teams.
  • Ability to adapt to diverse, demanding, challenging work environments while successfully managing all aspect of architectural design, construction projects and contracts in public and/or governmental negotiation environments.
  • Committed professional, with solid experience on international trade business, relationship oriented, project developments for trading, building strong business relationships and successful partnerships.
  • Focused and result driven worker, able to design, build and manage different kinds of work department from the ground up.
  • Established professional with proven abilities in implementing new ideas with a creative, yet practical focus on solutions to problems results.
  • Proven “trusted Advisor” expertise in business performance, client/vendors relationship, project management and contract negotiations.
  • Recognized for designing commercial projects and new product development abilities with expertise in “change” management, new products introduction and marketing.
  • Highly effective at providing leadership in all phases of business projects, contracts, purchases, payments, schedules and personnel performance, diverse contract administration and sales management focused in the architecture and design.

Loyal, Professional Architect / Change Agent / Management Developer / Fast Learner / Business Savvy / Talented

/Organized Designer / Cultural Steward / Exceptional Designer / Team Player / Analytical Solutions Provider / Detail Oriented


PIRET JOHANSON STUDIO                                                                                                                           Sep 2015 – 

Architectural Designer                                                                                                                                       Coconut Grove - United States

Manage design development solutions, space planning and design of custom elements and furniture for various retail, corporate and

Residential studio projects, achieved a well planed space design and specifications for almost 50,000 Sq. Ft. of retail, hospitality educational projects to be build by the 4th quarter 2016, successfully coordinate and manage all the preliminary design and calculations of M.E.P.  And revisions for change of use at the zoning department and City Of Miami Building Department of each project assigned, Design architectural rehabilitation for a 14,000 Sq. Ft. two story warehouse into a 26,000 Sq. Ft. four story design-lab/college that will serve as headquarters and pilot facility for a nation-wide industrial design college.  Achieving semi-open space classrooms through the implementation or organic shape partitions that, highly crafted particleboard elements that allows displaying student works and college information with organic shapes that transform into furniture and decorative elements.            Renovation of a 70 years old warehouse space redesign it to create a fluid circulation display area that holds private and public spaces for an art gallery, using oversize doors and windows in the façade to create a natural illuminated interior area.

  • Code analysis, ADA, NFPA compliance research for 7,500 Sq. Ft. Retail stores design on Wynwood. Miami, FL.
  • Warehouse rehabilitation (14,000 Sq. Ft.) 24,600 Sq. Ft. Design Lab building project on Wynwood. Miami, FL.
  • Site evaluation and survey coordination for 4,000 Sq. Ft. Art Gallery building on Wynwood, Miami, FL.
  • Schematics and preliminary design ideas and architectural packages boards for client presentations.
  • Coordination and construction supervision for a single-family residential project. Addition and renovation to existing house. Structural design for new terraces and reformation of existing, interior design package and custom design millwork.

GREEN VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS / SAVVY PENNY                                                                                           July 2012 – May 2015 

OperationsManager                                                                                                                                         Plantation - United States

Improve content strategies for system performance, seasonal content strategy per store optimization, business plan implementation for new business implementation, sales and payment report control and performance improvement, application of marketing strategies for increase user registrations. Quarterly vendor reports, client’s and user report analysis for payment processing, Assistant in launch strategies for the system in new and existing grocery stores installations of the system.  

  • Coupon behavior analysis, creation of seasonal coupons to be implemented on the grocery stores where the system was installed.
  • Data analysis for creation of new content strategies in order to create awareness of the coupon system savings and incentive.
  • Creation of strategies to increase system use in the 14 stores installed.
  • Successfully manage the optimal operations of the system in the whole grocery store chain.
  • Maintain excellent business relationship between the company and the clients.
  • Grocery store data analysis for new business implementation for growing strategies in order to create attractive footprint.
  • CPG’s quality control standards and system performance control.

TOSALI CONSTRUCTION L.L.C.                                                                      January 2012 – June 2012 

ProjectArchitect                                                                                                                                               Fort Lauderdale - United States

Outsource solutions provider for design development of mix use apartment building in South Florida. Designer of a industrial warehouse, performing and managing several meetings with the building services board of the city, negotiate with the building services division, DRA of Fort Lauderdale, and the planning and zoning board, change of uses, FDOT requirements, and achiever of important changes for the community in order to design in accordance with a business focused investment and compliance with Fort Lauderdale city master plan, with excellent architectural design results for the proposal. Schematic design director and supervisor of the conceptual design process, programing clients needs and investors requirements keeping close attention to a closed budget, part of the team for permits submittals, construction documents drafter, architectural design and millwork drawings production and code analysis.

  • Project Manager of the architectural aspects of a medium scale mixed-use town house/villa type development.
  • Coordinate with engineers principal architect to resolve technical and design issues.
  • Research and coordination specialist, to find manufacturers vendors etc. For equipment, materials, for the projects.
  • Application of LEED standards and sustainable design ideas for ECO-FRIENDLY Architecture developments.
  • Research for the application of alternative energy systems in the projects (Solar Panels) Power and water heating systems.
  • Participated in the design of the water recycling system for a mixed-use project.
  • Manage the selection of ecologically efficient materials on the design.

ESPACIO NEUTRO  c.a.                                                                                                           2006 - 2011

Project Architect/Project Manager                                                                                                                   Caracas - Venezuela

Create value-added solutions in the strategic planning of business expansion, directed several governmental and private architectural projects and manage all the aspects of the execution of them.                      Design and manage a strategic plan to work in the private sector of the local market, as well as cultivate and develop a strategic partnership with partner companies, as suppliers of furniture and allies, Manage the department of design, projects, construction and general services, monitoring performance accuracy of the sales department and reorganize the entire data base of clients, as strategic business objective.

  • Designer of a partnership plan of alliance with Arquinterior as a supplier of office furniture, establishing a partnership based in exchange of products and services as a commercial ally strategy.
  • Key director of the design, development and implementation of a business expansion plan, developed to create project opportunities and contracts of private and governmental clients, locally and international.
  • Secure the successful addition and implementation of business programs
  • Design and develop a new line of modular closets system, and manage the marketing of the new product.
  • Directed and close a $750.000 contract for a nationwide paint display furniture and store architectural image for Corimon Paints.
  • Design a retail project for RIP CURL Stores in Cartagena and Bogota-Colombia for Representaciones X-treme Usa LLC.
  • Handle the architectural project for retail space of Playero’s Surf Shop (Valencia, Maracay-Venezuela). For Representaciones X-Treme (Venezuela).
  • Close several governmental architectural projects for the Ministry Of Superior Education, Telecommunications Company C.A.N.T.V.

Financial entities and Banks as Bank Federal and institutions like Japanese Embassy Venezuela.

  • Close the furnishing of the presidency of Pre-comprimido Venezuela.
  • Cultivated the increase of the revenue of the company in 22% in all the architectural projects for the private sector in 18 months.

ARQUINTERIOR c.a.                                                                                                              2007 - 2010

Junior Project Manager                                                                                                                                     Caracas - Venezuela

Designed and directed competitive strategy to attack the private sector of the local market, achieved an important improve in the quotation system for governmental projects with the creation of database of unitary prices and cost analysis, implement a new system of price recognition for quotations with detail analysis of construction phases, with three steps, organization of the material to be used, identification of equipment and machinery to be use in every phase and employees and contractors to be hired till construction completion.   Design the layout of the plant floor to install CNC machinery on site, create a design department for corporate projects and custom furniture design projects, improve the warehouse storage system, efficiently manage a team of 25 workers and carpenters in two of the three locations of the company, design and produce from scratch a new line of office line of consoles, working in alliance with the metal-mechanic department, with the implementation of new technologies, new and improved panels, new line of surfaces.

  • Manage the alliance with ERGOTECH (E.E.U.U.) and INNOVATIVE (E.E.U.U.) to start an exclusive representation of Monitor and LCD Arm supports and ergonomic office products. Start the importation department of new office products. In Person I built a solid alliance with Hardware BLUM (Venezuela) and HAFELE systems (E.E.U.U.) Formica (Venezuela) KORALITE (Venezuela) OMP (Italy) MASSISA (Venezuela) AAG (Italy) REXITE (Italy), Negotiate and manage an exclusive representation of PARAPAN® Evonik Industries (Austria), implement a system of direct purchases of 3FORM laminates (Miami – Caracas) accomplish the acquisition, design, construction and opening of the showroom for the company as a partner/showroom manager, using the retail space for Arquinterior and Espacio Neutro. Work directly with the inventory and quotations of the new furniture lines, Launch the new line of consoles and furniture line (OXO® and ON®) from LEVIRA®, create and manager a strong partnership between Levira – Espacio Neutro and Arquinterior, as exclusive retailers for Venezuela.
  • Manage all the aspects of the showroom and achieve this expansion plan in 20 months. Renew the existing furniture lines with contemporary designs and personally directed all the aspect of the purchase and incorporation of cnc machinery and new lines of modular systems and custom furniture.
  • Create and manage an importation department, as a part of a short-term expansion plan, facilitated the presentation of project proposal for establish partnerships within companies in United States, Europe and Asia.
  • Directed the expansion project of the plant floor of Arquinterior, work directly on the negotiations and investment of €645.000 CNC

(BIESSE) Machinery.

  • Design and directed the expansion process of the plant, working as a partner architect of the construction of 37.000Sq Ft of expansion, as well as directly manage and supervised all the aspects of the Architectural, Engineering Projects as well as construction documents and permits, industrial safety seminars for the employees and the construction of the entire project.
  • Manage the training program for designers and established the implementation of new software (DOMUS) that improve the designs templates for massive production with CNC machinery.

PROYECTOS GINNEAH                                                                                                        2005 - 2006

Project Architect / Project Manager                                                                                                               Caracas - Venezuela

Built and directed the design department, with the implementation and training of interns, manage the implementation of quotation and control of constructions (with C.I.V. software from the college of engineers of Venezuela). Directed and Close several architectural and construction projects/contracts, closing the first year with $180.000 closed contracts and more than 380.000SqFt of constructions successfully build and more than 573.000SqFt of architectural designs, urban designs, retail projects, industrial projects, high end residential and corporative architecture, interior design and corporate image management.

  • Appointed several corporative architectural projects/contracts for international companies as MAERSK (Venezuela), OAKLEY


  • Co-Directed and supervised the entire digitalization of construction documents of CENTRO SAN IGNACIO Mall
  • Design and produce large urban-development projects (low-rise/mid-rise residential) as partner and/or architect with several developers designing more than 6050 villas, 80.7300 Sq Ft. street mall, 35,920,151 Sq Ft. of landscaping and parks.
  • Manage and close five mayor habitational projects animations for retail and residential projects and developments.
  • Design and build more than 107.391 Sq Ft of residential projects and 32.29173 Sq Ft of commercial/retail construction.
  • Successful participation as collaborator on international architectural projects for retail spaces and industrial developments (Vicente Romeo - Spain)(Handicap Cero - Spain)


CD PROJECTS LLC.                                                                                                                                       Project Architect   Miami - FL.

Interior architect for hospitality projects, space planning, interior design, FF&E and custom furniture design for renovation of 3rd and 2nd floors rooms for the Cardozo Hotel South Beach, 3rd and 2nd Floor short term rental apartments on Lario’s On The Beach Building, among with design assistance for Estefan Kitchen Express (Miami International Airport)

JACKMAN CONSTRUCTION Inc.         .                                                                                                       Architect                Miami - FL.                                                                                                                   External consultant for residential, commercial projects as well as interior designer and FF&E; FBC, ADA & NFPA compliance analysis, city of Fort Lauderdale master plan and construction documents for Eco-Vida projects.

CASSAFORMA                                                                                                                                                 Architectural Designer       A Coruña - Spain

Boosted a marketing campaign with a contact for a year of advertising in a architecture and design magazine with a minimum investment, built a successful plan keep track of administration, design department and logistics for the overall business.

INGENIUM ARQUITECTURA                                                                                                                         External Architect                            A Coruña - Spain

External advisor for interior design projects, custom and regular furniture design for retail spaces in St. Maarten, work in interior design projects as outsource consultant, for high-end residential and retail projects, as Ray Ban Store (St. Maarten) and high-end Loft in (Venezuela).

ARTEC OFICINA DE ARQUITECTURA                                                                                                           Intern Architect                         Caracas - Venezuela

Assistant drafter for submittal ideas and material for the 2002 Guangzhou bay boardwalk and bridge architectural contest, Design and produce design development schematic idea presentations, construction documents an permits permit submittal for the office projects.

A.R.L.                                                                                                                                                             Intern                                         Caracas - Venezuela

Administrative/HR internship position to general services assistant, sustained functions including the direction and management of +100 buildings, manage staff administration for the building employees and vendors.

SAVAKE – FERRETOTAL                                                                                                                                 Summer  Internship                   Caracas - Venezuela

Human resources internship focused in summer training in all the aspects of administrative and human resources procedures, inventory and warehouse manage, data analysis sales and inventory.


Universidade Da Coruña A Coruña - Spain                                                                                                     Masters Architecture

JOSE MARIA VARGAS UNIVERSITY Caracas - Venezuela                                                                           Bachelors in Architecture Diploma (Urbanism Minor)

MERRIMACK COLLEGE Andover - United States                                                                                         International students English program


Attended several international furniture, design and trade fairs NEOCON (Chicago 2008-2009) CIFF China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou–China 2004) ORGATEC (Cologne-Germany 2008) ISALONI Salone Internazionale Del Mobile (Milan-Italy 2007) Feria del Mueble de Madrid (Madrid-Spain 2006). Education seminars and trainings on subjects including Advanced AUTOCAD (2012), 3D’SMax (2010), VIZ4, ARCHITECTURAL DESKTOP 4, INVENTOR, REVIT & BIM Solutions, Microsoft Office 2011, MACOS Lyon X, PHOTOSHOP CS5, LIGTHROOM3, QUICKBOOKS, LULO, APV, C.I.V. (construction quotation and administrative software for construction management) Saint (Administration software) Domus (Design, production for CNC) AVECRETO (Workshop/seminars for unitary price analysis in construction 40hrs.), design and architecture seminars, SUB-ZERO/WOLF/BEST 2011 appliances seminar. Student International design workshop PER5 participation (design teams from Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela) Co-directed with the Jose Maria Vargas University Committee ENEA ’04 (National Encounter of Architecture Students) Part of the Organizational team of A.M.E.N.A.Z.A.S. (National Encounter of Architecture Students for Natural Disasters Manage Seminars, as part Jose Maria Vargas University Committee)



ARQUINTERIOR, Caracas, VE, Partner Architect / Importations Manager

Director Architect in two years of working design a competitive strategy to attack the private sector of the local market, with a publicitary campaign, redesign of the company look, reorganize with the president the quotation system, achieved an important improve in the quotation system for public and governmental offices, with the creation of a database of unitary price analysis, implement a new system of price recognition for quotations with detail analysis of every step of construction projects, with three steps, organization of the material to be used, identification of the machinery to be use in every aspect of the construction including security equipments and the employees and contractors to be hired. Design the layout of the plant floor to install CNC machinery on site, optimizing the space and organizing the storage for materials and dangerous products, work in the implication of the design department, improve the warehouse, manage a team of 25 workers and carpenters in two of the three locations of the company, design and produce from scratch a new line of office line of consoles, working in alliance with the metal-mechanic department, with the implementation of new technologies, new and improved panels, new line of surfaces. Manage the alliance with ERGOTECH group (E.E.U.U.) and INNOVATIVE (E.E.U.U.) to start an exclusive representation of Monitor and LCD Arm supports and ergonomic products. Start the importation department of new office products. In Person I built a solid alliance with Hardware BLUM (Venezuela) and HAFELE systems (E.E.U.U.) Formica (Venezuela) Koralite (Venezuela) OMP Furniture (Italy) Massisa (Venezuela) AGG Furniture (Italy) REXITE (Italy), Negotiate an exclusive representation of PARAPAN ® Evonik Industries (Austria), implement a system of direct purchases of 3FORM laminates (Between Miami – Caracas) Assist to couple of trade fairs in Europe and United States, to mediate and identify new products to import from all around the world to Venezuela. Search, rent, design, built and start a showroom for the company, using the retail space for Arquinterior and Espacio Neutro c.a. work directly with the inventory of furniture, managing the PR of the showroom, Launch the new line of consoles and one furniture line (OXO) from the Portuguese Manufacturer LEVIRA, create and guide a strong partnership between Levira – Espacio Neutro and Arquinterior, as exclusive retailers of Portuguese furniture for Venezuela. Start actions to improve the security measures in the plant floor and the showroom, optimization of the use of the trucks managing the routes of shipping. Manage all the aspects of the showroom and achieve this expansion plan in 26 months. Renew the existing furniture lines with actual designs and personal directed all the aspect of the incorporation of cnc machinery and new lines of furniture for it.

Aug 2006 - Jan 2011

ESPACIO NEUTRO, Caracas, VE, Partner / Co-Owner

Co-Owner of an architecture firm specialized in commercial and corporative interior design and retailer of office furniture. As well as a contractor, as partner in the architecture area I built commercial strategies to find new projects for the private sector in Venezuela and start company alliance with Arquinterior c.a. office furniture manufacturer since 1976. As a plan of expand both business, one specialized in architecture and civil projects and the other one work as furniture retailer for our architecture projects. Managed the production of furniture for our projects directly in the production plant of our partner, generate new business through the implementation of a personal plan of expansion for a commercial retail space in Caracas. Achieved 3 mayor projects for two important ministries and for the presidential offices of the largest local civil construction company, reduce the production time of our furniture requirements, implement customer satisfaction strategies to keep track of our built projects and former clients, manage a team of 10 professionals of both companies, in administrative, production, transportation, carpenters, engineers, contractor and plumbers. Directed our own civil projects and construction grew commercial partnerships and strategic friendships with retailers, providers and manufacturers in Caracas. Headed new alliances in the local market and launch a publicitary campaign for our company

May 2006 - Jan 2011


Merimack Collegue, Andover, MA, US, Additional Studies

International Students English Program School.

Jul 1995 - current

Universidad Jose Maria Vargas, Caracas, VE, BArch, ARCHITECTURE & URBANISM

BA, Bachelor's, With international design workshop participation in international exchange program PER5 between, Venezuela, Argentina, Sweden, Austria and Madrid, graduated with honors in design workshop IX and X (Thesis) participated in the committee of students affairs for national and international architecture student encounters.

Mayor - Architecture and Urban Design
Minor - Interior Design

Jan 1998 - May 2004


Faculty sketches contest., 2nd Place

UJMV Architecture students sketches and models contests.


Areas of Specialization