Stockholm, SE


First Prize Open Architecture Competition

The first prize proposal Down by the River, recognizes the force of the water in Floda and utilizes the potential of future connections to focus Floda’s future on the water.  Four key bridges form the starting point for four future developments. In each unique area, the existing characters of the site are strengthened while new additions help weave together Floda’s center. Proposed settlements are concentrated around the river to support the new connections and bring life to Floda’s waterfront. Collectively, the proposed densification creates proximity between people and functions, and in turn leads to a pedestrian friendly center linked together through a series of beautiful walking trails, bike paths and green spaces. 

The heart of the future Floda is the Blue Square. It encloses Säveån on four sides and is the community’s new, natural venue for civic life. The waterfront promenades, the city center and the surrounding pedestrian routes gather in, on and under the square and give Floda a unique square that strengthens community identity and helps to bring the community closer together.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Floda, SE
Firm Role: Team leader
Additional Credits: Team MW: Nicholas Bigelow, Gregorio Chierici, Marlene Thelandersson. In team with Hosper Sweden: Patrick Verhoeven, Katarzyna Paradzińska, David Bonsib, AnneNijland