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Manchanda Associates

New Delhi, IN


Medanta Ganganagar Hospital

Manchanda Associates, because of their extensive experience in handling various healthcare and hospital projects, was commisioned to be the architect for Medanta Ganganagar Hospital.

The project is a 200 bedded Super Speciality Hospital in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

This state of the art hospital was designed keeping in mind the latest advancements in healthcare technology and design. A number of energy efficient systems have been adopted to make the facility green and sustainable.


The H-Shape of the building helped in creating distinct zones for segregating independent departments while keeping the vertical circulation central. This ensured easy and unobstructed movement of patients, doctors and visitors, which is of prime importance in the functioning of any hospital. The H-Shape also enabled the addition of an additional block for future expansion. A ramp has been provided to connect all levels for the convenience of physically handicapped persons as well as for evacuation of patients in case of fire.


Natural light and ventilation are essential elements for designing any building, especially hospitals.  A lot of Hospitals are being planned today as centrally air conditioned facilities, but that does not mean we sacrifice these crucial elements. The orientation of the buildings has been kept such so as to maximize glazing on north and South faces while effectively blocking the hot sun on the Eastern and Western faces. The H-Shape ensures natural light and ventilation to almost the entire building while still offering mutual shade to cut down the heat.


The façade of the building is interspersed with transparent and opaque elements composed of large glass panels and solid shafts. The two-tone grit finish, created using locally sourced Dholpur and Jaisalmer stone not only provide a permanent finish, but also gives the hospital a sharp look while creating an array of clean lines throughout the elevation.


The planning of the building has been based on a 6600 x 6600mm grid with 3000mm for internal corridor space. These dimensions meet with most of the requirements essential for various functions. It can accommodate an Operation Theater, a six bedded general ward in one unit, two single bedded private wards with attached toilets or two reasonably sized rooms for doctors, nurses/staff change rooms, etc.


While designing the services the brief was clear – the systems have to be robust and easily maintainable – keeping in mind the lack of availability of trained manpower in the area. Any breakdown would require a company service engineer to come from another city. 


Though the project did not undergo any Green rating system but systems have been adopted to make the building Green, Sustainable and Energy efficient.

Use of Solar panels both for heating water and power generation, insulated glass to minimize heat gain while still maintaining large glazing for increasing day-lighting within buildings, Waste water re-cycling, high efficiency Chillers for HVAC were some of the strategies that were implemented.

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Status: Built
Location: Sri Ganganagar, IN
Firm Role: Architect