Mahmoud Alkawadri

Mahmoud Alkawadri

Berlin, DE


Rouya Visual and Performings Arts Center,

The project is artistic and cultural, education center combines visual and performing arts which aim to revive the art and folklore in the asset, but in a new way.
As a result of the current situation, which reflected negatively on our culture and our art, and led to the destruction of our heritage, and erases and destroys these cultures, arts.we found that one of the best ways to remind the world of art, folk art and everything connected to creative art is by designing cultural project promote young creative people.
Royua project considers one of economic growth projects which provides many job opportunities. and helps to relieve the pressure on Damascus city center, by orienting the projects towards the edge of the town.

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Status: School Project
Location: Damascus, SY
My Role: Lead Designer, 3d Artist