Magdalena Vazquez

Magdalena Vazquez

Brussels, BE

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To provide a brief introduction, I am a 27-year-old Architect with three to four years of experience in the architectural field, specializing in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

For the past two years, I have been part of a dynamic team at JFA, a prominent firm in Ireland, where I had the privilege of contributing to a wide range of large-scale projects. These included the preparation of planning applications for major homebuilder groups such as Glenveagh and renowned hotel groups such as Hilton, as well as designing student residences, apartment blocks, and offices.

One of my significant accomplishments includes obtaining planning permission for a large aparthotel project accommodating a total of 296 bedrooms, involving the refurbishment and change of use (from offices to aparthotel) of an existing building located in central Dublin. The project for the 7,154 sq.m existing building, known as Telephone House, involved:

  • Refurbishing and revising the elevations, including new façade treatments.
  • Extending the existing eighth floor and adding a new floor on top.
  • Demolishing the existing core at the rear and constructing a new extension comprising 5,057 sq.m of additional aparthotel floorspace.

The total area of Telephone House projected was 12,211 sq.m.

While I had the opportunity to work on the planning application, I was also involved in the tendering phase, preparing a comprehensive set of drawings to obtain an accurate estimate of the building costs and assembling the construction team.

My experience at JFA allowed me to become well-versed in building regulations, technical guidance documents, and various aspects of the architectural process, such as planning applications, fire safety and disability access certifications, and construction drawings.

Before my experience in Ireland, I mainly worked on small to medium-scale projects in Argentina. As a junior architect that later on became freelance, I was involved in all stages of the architectural process, including designing solutions according to client needs, coordinating with suppliers, monitoring construction, and managing projects from conception to completion. Most of the projects I managed and completed focused on interior design and branding, revitalizing spaces and giving them new character. Notably, I worked on transforming offices and commercial shops, bringing fresh, innovative designs to these environments by meticulously defining all materials, finishes, and design elements to ensure each project had a distinctive and cohesive aesthetic.  

I am very adept at 3D modeling and rendering tools such as Enscape and Lumion, which, in turn, enhance my ability to bring designs to life, allowing me to produce in-house graphics for presentations. Therefore, I have prepared innumerable presentations with clear and compelling graphics to support the ideas presented to all stakeholders.

I am deeply passionate about adding value to sites.

Magdalena Vazquez


John Fleming Architects, Dublin, IE, Architectural assistant

Worked on a variety of large scale projects, encompasing hotels, student residences, apartment blocks, housing developments and offices. My progression in this firm allowed me to gain initial exposure to European standards, building regulations and technical guidance documents, whilst familiarizing myself with planning applications, fire safety and dissability access certs, construction drawings and feasibility studies.
Developed innumerable presentations to effectively communicate project progress and ideas to diverse stakeholders, including county councils, investment groups, particular clients, and other interested parties.

Nov 2021 - Jan 2024

Freelancer, Argentina, AR, Architect

Delivered creative solutions for the renovation of residential houses, apartments, corporate offices, restaurants and commercial premises.
Led the planning, design, and execution of essential infrastructure elements to seamlessly complement pre-fabricated modular homes. Achieved this within tight timelines, showcasing adaptability and precision in project management.
Cultivated strong leadership skills as a consequence of managing a small team to execute the previously mentioned tasks.
As a freelancer, I committed myself to every step of the process, from the creation, evaluation and manipulation of designs to satisfy the needs of clients, to having direct contact with providers, workers, and overseeing execution.
Strategic communication leadership: crafted and executed comprehensive communication strategies that effectively aligned with organizational goals, resulting in enhance awareness and engagement with our target audience.
Designed and executed corporate offices and commercial premises. Implemented innovative space planning and interior design solutions resulting in increased workspace functionality and aesthetics.
Employed a client-focused approach to visualize and present design concepts effectively, resulting in increased investor confidence and successful project funding.
Worked on the design and excecution of a modular intelligent home which received international recognition. Inserted myself in the drafting of technical plans and the creation of a book which explains how to recreate this exact same model so as to be able to sell the concept and plans abroad.
In addition to this, I worked on projects to diversify the potential market by developing alternatives to these modular homes, varying in materiality and square meters, to adapt to the condition of different users and locations.

Jan 2019 - Oct 2021

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