Maegan Walton

Maegan Walton

New York, NY, US


Bronxville Residence

The Bronxville Residence is located in Bronxville, NY, a pre-war town with a quick commute into Manhattan. The residence is situated at the top of a hill in a building built in 1929. As is typical of that time period, the space was compartmentalized, with each room divided by thick partition walls. The client wanted to modernize the space by removing the walls that divided the kitchen, dining room and living room. Removing these walls not only made the condo more current, but also allowed natural light to filter deeper into the space making it feel exceedingly larger.

All spaces in the condo were gutted and renovated. The kitchen, combined with the other living areas, allowed the space to be completely transformable. The bathroom was made larger by lengthening it into the existing hallway to allow room for a second sink. Because this was the sole bathroom for the space the clients wanted to make it as large and spa-like as possible. In order to create an illusion of depth, the side walls were tiled in a light colored marble, while the floor and the back wall of the shower/tub were finished in dark gray stone and glass tile. To continue the theme of expansiveness, the floor was finished in a single slab of stone to avoid the division created by seams.

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Status: Built
Location: Bronxville, NY, US
My Role: Lead Architectural Designer and Project Manager