Madhubala Ayyamperumal

Madhubala Ayyamperumal

San Francisco, CA, US



The design studio involved designing a resort for Mountain Bikers community at Huntingdon, PA. This particular site is surrounded by woods and is located along the Allegheny bike trails with Raystown Lake at the south side. The program includes spaces like Guest Houses, Community Areas, Trailer Homes, Community Kitchen & Administrative facilities. The site also accommodates a drive through cafe and community spaces that are open to public to bring in positive economic and spatial impact to the community. 

The major concept was to represent the idea of travel / Mountain biking through building materials like corrugated metal sheets & container profiles. These represent the core values of the community like Adventure and travel spirit spatially. The individual Modules and trailers are placed in a way to maximize privacy yet modules are clustered to achieve more collaborative social spaces.  Balconies of the modules open up to maximize views towards the ever changing season of Pennsylvania Woods.

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Status: School Project
Location: Huntingdon, PA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Faculty Advisor - Rebecca Henn, Pennsylvania State University