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Modernism has a famous motto: A house is a machine for living in. However, as we increasingly leave the machine age behind, we are left with a question: what message should architecture convey? What is the house of today?

Going beyond the functional logic of modernism, the design expresses the complex and multiple needs of contemporary society. Despite its landmark status, it emphasis the experience from different angles rather than its height: every floor rotates slightly from the one below in correspondence with the surrounding scenery, creating an ever changing profile and play of shades. Continuous balcony surrounds each floor, eliminating the vertical barriers that are traditionally used in high-rise architecture and providing 360 degree views to reawaken city dwellers’ appreciation of nature.

MAD’s vision that housing can evoke more excitement when the emotional and the machine are combined paid off: directly after winning the competition the building was nicknamed the “Marilyn Monroe towers” by local residents due to its sensual curves and received wide acclaim and respectively sold all apartments off plan

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mississauga, ON, CA