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Wagner Park - Public Space at the Edge of Manhattan.

By jeffry_136
Apr 10, '18 6:43 PM EST

Click HERE for the story of Wagner Park, designed by Machado Silvetti, Olin and Lynden Miller.

"What is most important is that every aspect of this design emerges from the realities of the park's surroundings—the waterfront, the Statue of Liberty, the rest of Battery Park City and lower Manhattan—and connects to the imperatives of human use."

Paul Goldberger, Architecture Critic New York Times

On the southern edge of Manhattan, the Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park sits among giants. The Park, with its brick pavilions, framed lawn, and sweeping views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty, has remained a popular public space for locals and tourists alike for over twenty years. Where more modest or conventional parks would be overshadowed by the colossal surroundings, Wagner Park offers a space exclusively reserved for the public that stands apart from, but also very much a part of, the City. See HERE for the full story of the design of Wagner Park.

The park is under imminent threat of demolition and replacement. See HERE for the story.