Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg

Los Angeles, CA, US


Baishui Zhai | Star Bay 2 Hotspring Resort

M-RAD's design for Pure Design in Shanghai won them the planning and design contract for this 500,000+ square metre project. The convention centre, arts complex, sports areas, and private villas gradually build up from the landscape culminating at the torquing luxury Canal Hotel. As feature elements rise from the landscape, special moments are created beneath and within the cave like lobby of the hotel. The lake is brought into its center lobby area creating a network of canals and more importantly, a spectacular focal point to the entire bay. This is where the true sensation happens as slices of light penetrate the whole of the interior atrium. Light reflects off the interior canal where guests can paddle through the middle of the lobby to the other side of the lake. The project includes an art center, convention centre, luxury hotel, holiday apartments, guest villas, private spa villas and two 18-hole Gary Player designed golf courses.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Guangzhou, CN
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: M-Rad, Guoping Shi