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LWK + PARTNERS shines at MUSE Design Awards 2021 with 14 honours

By LouisM
Apr 21, '21 11:51 AM EST

A thrilling 14 projects designed by LWK + PARTNERS have won the internationally acclaimed MUSE Design Awards 2021 amid fierce competition! Covering diverse sectors, these projects are recognised for their exceptional design and innovative programmes, and are considered capable to inspire the industry for their design qualities and strengths.

Below are the LWK + PARTNERS projects receiving MUSE Design Awards 2021:

MixC Dongguan Songshan Lake District Mixed Use Development, Dongguan, China
–  Architectural Design – Mix Use Architectural Designs (Platinum)

Chengdu CIFI Plaza, Chengdu, China
–  Architectural Design – Mix Use Architectural Designs (Platinum)

Zijing Paradise Walk, Hangzhou, China 
–  Architectural Design – Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall (Platinum)

Dongguan Chunjiang Yuefeng Plaza, Dongguan, China 
–  Architectural Design – Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall (Platinum)

Aoti Vanke Centre, Hangzhou, China 
–  Architectural Design – Office Building (Platinum)

The Riviera Sales Gallery, Shantou, China

–  Architectural Design – Cultural (Platinum)

The U World, Shenzhen, China

– Architectural Design – Residential (Platinum)

WonYue City, Guangzhou, China

–  Architectural Design – Conceptual (Platinum)

Hengqin Port Mixed-use Development, Zhuhai, China

–  Architectural Design – Office Building (Gold)

CIFI Mansion, Jurong, China

–  Architectural Design – Commercial Building (Gold)

Tianyao City, Dongguan, China

–  Architectural Design – Other Architectural Design (Gold)

Hebei Grand Hotel, Anyue, Shijiazhuang, China

–  Architectural Design – Hospitality (Silver)

Platinum & Diamond, Huizhou, China

–  Architectural Design – Residential (Silver)

The MUSE Design Awards carries a mission to honour, promote and encourage creativity by setting a new standard of excellence on a global scale. It recognises designs across different fields that shift paradigms, redefining boundaries and scope like a muse. Full winners’ list: .