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The Riviera

Located in the centre of Shantou’s New East Coastal Area and adjacent to Xinjin River in China, The Riviera is a 301,900-square-metre residential development enjoying expansive views of the seacoast that is a kilometre away.

Acting as the gateway to the community, its sales gallery demonstrates delicate bespoke design with a façade inspired by the elegant form of traditional Chinese folding fans. The extensive use of glass curtain walls invites ample sunlight into the building, promoting visibility and spatial interaction between outdoors and indoors.

The building mass is strategically subtracted to open up a wide, progressive archway, creating public space and guiding visitors towards this work of art. Through precise calculation and design of the truss system, the massive arched roof converges from height towards a single tip that touches down on the waterscape.

After project sales, the gallery will turn into a cultural and recreational centre which also houses the property management office. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shantou, China
Firm Role: Design Architect