Luisa Brando

Luisa Brando

Somerville, MA, US

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Research based Visual Artist and Architect. Projects on conservation and the mediation between tradition and development. Working on the edge between fields. To plan and re-imagine systems that traverse between the universal and the particular,  the natural and the cultural, geography and hydrography. To think politically, to observe, inhabit, and create to challenge habitual modes of perception. 



Curator/ Co-Director of Art and Education, Cambridge, MA, US, Junior Architect and Project Manager

Kirkland Gallery is a student organisation dedicated to supporting the Harvard Graduate School of Design community and its emerging artists/designers. Multi-media exhibitions seeking out transdisciplinary proposals that expand the creative discourse at Harvard University community at large.

Aug 2017 - current

Art Research Project, Bogotá, CO, Visual Artist and Researcher

Cultural Landscapes and Rivers in Colombia. Ongoing research based project. Traveling 1500 km of Magdalena River by sailing, walking, and hiking. Ethnographic, documentary and theory based, it began as an excuse to travel and see the Heritage sites in Colombia. Yet the river became the main heritage site for questioning presevation politics and rivers as connectors.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2016

El Taller de S, Bogotá, CO, Junior Architect and Project Manager

Projects worked in include Research, Architecture Restoration, Architecture design, and Landscape design. Mostly focused on the relation between the past and the present.

Sep 2013 - May 2015

Lorenzo Castro Arqutiectos, Bogotá, CO, Junior Architect

Urban Planing and Urban Design.
Competition Winners In partnership with OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture NY) for Centro Administrativo CAN

Jan 2013 - Sep 2013


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US, Masters, Critical Conservation

Interdisciplinary courses based on the dichotomy between tradition and development. Anthropology, Philosophy, Landscape and Visual Studies around heritage and conservation.

Aug 2016 - current

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, CO, BArch, Architecture

5 Year program on Architecture. Graduated with a Minor in Art

Aug 2007 - May 2012


Harvard University. Summer Research Grant. Asian Center, Grant

Summer Research Grant
Three-month independent research on Vernacular Architecture and Conservation methods in Japan. Shinto temples, wood craft and landscape.


Fulbright, Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarship. Ministry of Culture.


Colfuturo, Grant

2 Year loan/grant for international studies.


Cumlaude, Honorable Mention

Graduated Cumlaude from B.Arch from Universidad de los Andes


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