Lucas Velle

Lucas Velle

New York, NY, US


MINIhattan: A proposal for new density along Manhattan's waterfront - and the extension of the highline.

This proposal is a redevelopment of an abandoned industrial pier along Manhattan's Hudson river.

Living on the edge - exploring density and programatic variety on the waterfront. 

The goal of this thesis is to explore ways in which Manhattan can fully use and protect it's waterfront while reclaiming a pier from an industrial past. The project seeks to understand how varying degrees of density and a beneficial variety of program (both public and private) along the perimeter of the city can enrich the urban experience. Beginning with the position that Manhattan's waterfront has been undervalued, we can inhabit the waterfront and challenge the paradigm of a hidden waterfront that cannot be appreciated by the public. Can this new epoch realize a fuller potential for the urban experience? A mixed use experience that provides enjoyment of the harbor as an essential element and increase both sustainability and livability of this waterfront location.  

Site as a catalyst for change:
My thesis uses Pier 57, located off of 15th Street and 11th avenue, as a flagship to reconsider the broader potential for density and programmatic variety. This includes responsible density along the waterfront - both elevated, a continuation of the Highline, and a site interwoven with residential, commercial, and public elements. Finally MINIhattan offers an aquarium as an additional highlight to the project, which focuses on the mutual exchange between Manhattanites and their harbor. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Manhattan, NY
My Role: Thesis Designer