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LPA Inc. Celebrates Earth Day by Planting 50 Trees at San Antonio River Walk

By LPA Inc
Aug 11, '16 7:07 PM EST

(San Antonio, TX) April 23, 2015 -- LPA Inc., a leading sustainable design firm in San Antonio, celebrated Earth Day and its 50th anniversary by planting 50 trees along the San Antonio River. In partnership with the San Antonio River Authority (SARA), planting the mixed species of trees solidifies the firm’s commitment to creating a sustainable future and brings much-needed forestation to the community.

“We are excited to be able to celebrate Earth Day and our 50 years by planting 50 trees along the San Antonio River,” said LPA San Antonio Principal, Mickey Conrad, AIA. “In our practice, we promote green initiatives and preach sustainability. Today, on Earth Day, we are partnering with the River Authority to practice what we preach. Each of us will have the opportunity to share this legacy with our kids and grandkids when we return here with them one day to enjoy the shade that we planted today.”

San Antonio’s River Walk is a top tourist destination in Texas. The Museum Reach section where the trees were planted is broken up into three historical themes: The Hugman theme, San Antonio Museum of Art theme and the Pearl theme. The site was chosen based on a multi-year master plan project that SARA has in place to enhance the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk.

Volunteers planted a mix of canopy (live oak) and understory trees (redbud, buckeye, laurel and holly). The 50 trees will help restore the native habitat of the river as well as stabilize the slope, help mitigate stormwater and filter the air. The trees will also support environmental and social benefits by providing shade and shelter around the space as well as generating food.

“LPA has embraced sustainability in their designs and has a long history of creating spaces that enrich the lives of those who use them,” said SARA General Manager, Suzanne Scott. “We are glad to be partnering with them for their 50th anniversary celebration with this planting ceremony which will add to the natural beauty of the Museum Reach and serve as a lasting reminder of LPA’s environmental stewardship.”

Additionally, each of the firm’s five office locations have done or will be doing similar tree planting events at each of their locations—planting one tree for every LPA employee—250 trees in total. The company strongly values giving back to its communities and planting trees is just one way LPA has enhanced the environment and enriched the community.

About San Antonio River Authority 
The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) was created by the 45th Texas Legislature on May 5, 1937 and reorganized in 1961 to plan, manage and implement water-related programs and projects within the San Antonio River Watershed. The State of Texas empowered SARA to preserve, protect and manage the resources and the ecology of the San Antonio River and its tributaries. For more information, visit

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