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Shenzhen, CN


Qinghe "Park102" Office Commercial Complex




31,097 M2

100,657 M2


River Mountain
Qinghe – it means “Clear River” is the area where the project site is
located. River (or water), where life begins, is also the origin of village, city
as well as country since ancient times. Building on the concept of a clear
river flowing through the site, the river flows from the mountaintops down
the cliff into the gorge area where it lines together with a green plain and
a glass pavilion. The project is permeable from all directions. The corners
are all opened with passages into the gorge and various steps and sloped
green plains lead you into the quiet yet vibrant sunken courtyard with
many happenings along the riverside.

The project has a total area of about 100,657m2 with 57635m2 above
ground area. Office area is 43752m2 while commercial area is 13882m2
above ground and 7550m2 in Basement.
Since the project is a joint venture of two companies, it is important to
strike a harmonious balance to ensure simple, fair and straightforward
division and establish a win-win scenario. The site is located at a very
strategic corner in the Qinghe area closely connected to major universities,
companies, highways, subway station and the nearby technology parks.
It is also surrounded by residential neighborhoods. It has high potential
to become a popular destination drawing people from the nearby areas.
By increasing height limit to 80m by rezoning, it is anticipated the office
towers would become the future landmark of Qinghe.

Relationship with surroundings
The site is restricted in many ways. The south residential development is
right abrupt to the project site hence limits our visibility and massing. The
north neighborhood development posts a sunlight issue so the final 80m
envelope is defined by the sunlight studies.
Our key strategy is to locate two towers at the southwest corner within the
sunlight envelope with minimum 40m from south development to avoid
visual disruptions. The two towers are connected through a bridge at all
levels so they could also be considered as one building. They are sitting
on top of a two level commercial podium that wraps around the sunken
courtyard. All three commercial levels including the basement have large
exposure to streets and/or public space circulation. The sunken courtyard
also helps to provide a gathering place for both offices, commercial and
neighboring developments. It is a park with green and water pond where
people can hang out and enjoy the open space as well as surrounded by
shops, restaurants and services.

Circulation/Drop off
The project has four main entries located at the four corners (northeast,
southeast, southwest, northwest). You can enter at ground level or go
down the stairs to the sunken courtyard. At southwest corner, one of the
project’s main entry you will walk down the steps to sunken courtyard
with the bridge crossing above you. There is a gentle green slope in the
center connecting the ground level down to basement. The northwest
entry will connect to future subway station while the southeast entry will
connect to future Phase 2 site. Second level is connected through a
U-shape passage either enclosed or open with a pair of escalator and
stair at both ends. There are also bridges linking the different commercial
areas together.
There is a car drop-off along west Mao Fang road and people will
be directed to either office or commercial areas from here. Currently,
Xiao Yin Xi Road is overloaded with traffic. So the two parking entries
are located at northeast and southwest corners to avoid the main
intersection. Vehicles are limited to the perimeters only and there will be
complete separation of pedestrian and vehicular circulation.

Sustainable design makes the building more comfortable for users as
well as reduces impact to our environment. It is also a marketing strategy
and helps bring the project profile to international level. In current
proposal, there will be five main green design categories including water
management, green & open space, HVAC system, building envelope
design criteria and others like materials, bike parking facilities etc.
Geothermal (Ground Source Heat Pump) as a source of renewable
energy for the project is also proposed.

The site includes more than 30m wide green landscape zone on both
north and east side. The basement sunken courtyard has a green slope
and a river flowing in between. The roof surfaces are either green roofs
or raised pavers for use as public open space. Raised stone pavers
or permeable pavers will be used in all areas. Plants will be selected
based on local or adapted species with seasonal theme including cherry,
peach, gingko and pine trees to signify the four seasons. River will be
shallow so people can walk on and around and they will be lined with
black river pebbles. A small water park in the plaza area is used to create
microclimate and also for kids to enjoy.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Beijing, CN
Firm Role: Architect Planner
Additional Credits:
Yimei Chan, Design Principal
Carlos Infantes, Design Principal
Santi Fuentimilla, Project Architect
Ann Yan, Project Manager
Nelson Zambrano, Project Designer
Wang Hao, Project Team
Abduxukur Zayit, Project Team