Ari Linner

Ari Linner

San José de Soledad, CU



Having worked with renowned firms in the past, Ari Linner has achieved great experience that is now applying to his own comissions at LINNER arquitectura.
Currently working in such diverse projects as single family homes, food processing plants and commercial buildings helps in expanding this experience as well as creating interesting and innovative architecture in different fields.
All projects at LINNER arquitectura are designed by Ari personally, him overseeing every aspect related to function as well as estheticts and guiding the team throughout the entire procces. We have now, by request from several clients, to oversee construction projects, by doing management and general contracting also.



Zürcher Arquitectos, San Jose, Costa Rica, Senior architect

Senior architect. Responsible for contract negotiation, project conceptualization, design development, construction documents, construction management.
All projects at Zurcher where developed independently, reporting to founding partner of the firm.

Jun 2002 - Jun 2009

A Linner Ltda, San José, Costa Rica, Junior architect

Design development, construction document development, construction inspections.

Mar 1994 - Sep 2001


Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA), San José, Costa Rica, BArch, Licenciate

Complete architectural program.

Apr 1990 - Nov 1998

Areas of Specialization