Liming Jiang

Liming Jiang

Providence, RI, US



To whom it may concerned,

I will finish my Master degree at the Rhode Island School of Design this summer 2016 and I am strongly interested in looking for an Entry-level interior designer position.

I am adept at carrying out a wide variety of design and development projects, and can readily conceptualize new ideas as needed. I believe I am a good qualified to the interior designer position with skills such as, Rhino(4 years), Revit(2 years), Sketchup(6 years), AutoCAD(6 years), Photoshop(7 years), Illustrator(4 years), Indesign(7 years). Mix-used & Educational Design Projects and Exhibition Design have been my biggest interested part since 2009. These projects utilize strategies with creative concepts such as, Morphology, function reflected in the single space, which is a really challenging work. Recently, I interned at Dileonardo International in Rhode Island, which focused on developing Hotel Projects in Dubai, Doha and Shanghai. These projects are the exactly my advantages in the future career which owned successful performance in the previous internship.

Besides, I love making models which can not only express the abstract thoughts, but also find the structure problems in practical applications. In the model-making and thinking process, I can always burst out of new ideas, which is very fascinating to me. When it comes to product design, I try and use new materials such as paper and sustainable materials like bamboo. For example, the lighting design project, “Clouds Lamp” engages with these materials and can be seen in my portfolio.

I believe I can bring your team with the efficient performance, as well as I am an outgoing person who can bring a free atmosphere to your studio. Please find the attached portfolio and resume in this email. I appreciate you taking the time to review my credentials. Looking forward to your reply and wish we have further cooperation!

Yours sincerely, 

Liming Jiang



Elkus Manfredi Architects, Boston, MA, US, Intern interior Designer

Participated in designing Boston ART office space, retail and university
projects(BU Theater& Emerson College) , and one of the office
projects is under construction now. Assigned the CD Drawings,
presentation board, furniture layout, FFE & Finish schedule.

Aug 2016 - current

DiLeonardo International Inc., US, Providence, RI, US, Internship Designer

Participated in designing FF&E, Finishes, and the interior
elevations of the TAJ Luxury Hotel in DUBAI, AL MESSILA
Hotel& Spa in DOHA , and Hilton Garden Inn

Jan 2016 - Feb 2016


RISD INTAR Department of Interior Architecture, Providence, RI, US, Masters, Interior Architecture

A field at the intersection of architecture, conservation and design of the built environment, Interior Architecture takes an innovative approach to the reuse and transformation of existing buildings. Every built structure eventually faces three possibilities: demolition, preservation or adaptive reuse. RISD’s Interior Architecture Department has focused on the latter since 1947, with the leadership of Ernst Lichtblau. An architect, designer and student of Otto Wagner, he changed the name and professional orientation of the department from Interior Design to Interior Architecture, which shifted the focus from the application of surface materials to understanding the design of “a building from the interior to the exterior.”

Today, advanced design studios are central to both the BFA, MA and MDes programs. The core curricula include the study of history, theory, drawing, structures, materials, lighting and technology, all of which ensures that students fully understand the concerns of professionals in the building industry and allied fields.

Jun 2014 - Jun 2016

China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, CN, Bachelors, Interior design

Interior and Home Furnishing Design

Sep 2009 - Jun 2013

Areas of Specialization