LEVER Architecture

LEVER Architecture

Portland, OR


Creative Studio and Campus

This project transforms an 85,000-sf Cold-War-era aerospace factory building and the surrounding industrial landscape into a state-of-the-art Digital Animation Studio and Campus for a large entertainment company.  

The campus design is organized around re-envisioning the parking between two existing buildings as a tree-lined promenade. The promenade links a series of outdoor rooms and patios to a large wooden deck that is the central campus common space and location of the new main entries into each building. The deck also provides direct access to the shared campus amenities of the café, trellis patio, fitness center, and “backyard” green space. Landscape elements were carefully organized to highlight the Verdugo Mountains and minimize views of the surrounding freeways and warehouses.

Built in 1959, the windowless 200’ x 400’ aerospace factory structure utilized an innovative “cast and lift” concrete waffle roof structure that was emphasized in the renovation. As the location and placement of the openings in the roof and walls of the existing structure were limited, extensive daylight modeling was conducted to inform an optimized placement of openings and focus the light in the building common spaces. A large day-lit common space and adjoining gallery spaces receive the most natural light, while workspaces receive more controlled indirect clerestory northern light. To alleviate the scale of the single-story building, primary internal circulation is continuous through the building and terminates at views of the newly composed landscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Glendale, CA, US