Le Na Tran

Le Na Tran

Fukuoka, JP

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I am Master student of Architecture at Environmental Engineering Faculty, The University of Kitakyushu, Japan.

I completed The Degree of Architecture in Vietnam (Hanoi Architectural University) in 5 years study and 1 year working experience as an Architect and an Architectural Intern. 

Currently I am Japanese Government Scholarship recipient (MEXT), and expecting to get Master Degree at September 2019. My research is concentrating on Japanese smart cities, which is related to people’s lifestyle. Regarding this study, I have experienced about consumers demands and behavior when consuming electricity at home or other researches about energy efficiency use, smart community, and sustainable architecture in developed countries. 

 Taking a position as an architect in Baumschlarger Eberle can help me to improve negotiation and persuasion skills, design experience and pressure resistance ability to work with many clients and realize my passion in working as an architectural design consultant. My tasks here are to design concept ideas and undertake technical drawings to meet the requirements of investors. I had time working with FLC corporation leaders and join the design team of Pullman hotels in Vietnam. These experiences, therefore, help me to improve a lot of skills such as teamwork, communication skill, seeking information and be more proactive and dynamic. 

I also have spent time in Internship job at Mitsubishi Electric Mechanical Engineering and Group 8 Asia that enhance my adaptability skills and creativity while working on many different design projects in Vietnam and Singapore. Besides, participating in different workshops or competition in Asia countries, taking on the Chairman position in two international conferences in Germany and Japan help me develop social experiences, leadership and presentation skills.



Mitsubishi International Corporation, Kitakyushu, JP, Internship

3 days visit Mitsubishi Electric Mechanical Factories in Kitakyushu, working with Mitsubishi staffs, listen to special lectures, go sightseeing around the Factory areas and participate in some short concept design about factories.

Dec 2017 - Dec 2017

Baumschlager Eberle, Hanoi, VN, Architect assistant

Architectural design: Concept idea, Technical Drawings, 3D concepts design, booklet design, Discussion with customers

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

GROUP8 ASIA, Kitakyushu, Internship

Architectural design: Concept idea, Technical Drawings, 3D concepts design, booklet design, model making, panel layout design, schematic design, photoshop

Jun 2015 - Nov 2015


University of Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, JP, MArch, Architecture

My research working during Master course in The University of Kitakyushu: Energy response to Residential lifestyle in Smart Community, case study in Kitakyushu, Japan, my Research plan for Doctor course is to continue studying on the use of energy in residential area of Kitakyushu Smart Community based on daily activities of each family members and their housing characteristics including: House design, floor plan, family structure, employee, gender, age and occupancy at home.
From that exploratory analysis, we can define the role of residential appliances and spatial layout design as well as the human lifestyle of consuming electricity devices in the residential area. Accordingly, the Study on Higashida Smart Community indicated people lifestyles from energy performance and become an initiative for energy saving from the notion of “human behavior”. This research contributes to the application of the Home Energy Management System in Japanese Smart Community and provides a good experience to other countries.

Oct 2017 - current

Hanoi Architectural University, Hanoi, VN, BArch, Architecture

I studied Architectural Engineering Course in the Department of Architecture.
During 5 year, I was pointed to join the building structure lab, in the first year studying about Basic subjects and introduction to architecture. From the second year to the fourth year, I start studying Architectural design that includes 10 student design projects from a small house to large scale architecture such as stadium, aquarium or museum, two interior design projects, and 2 urban plan projects.
In the last year (Fifth year), we need to complete the final architectural design projects that need 6 months study and about 4 months for graduation thesis (research).

Sep 2011 - Sep 2016

University of Kitakyushu, kitaky, exchange

An educational program for energy and environment leader in environmental cities for exchange students from Asian countries in Japan. This program is supported by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) with 6 months scholarship.

Aug 2014 - Feb 2015


Certificate of merit for excellent graduate students in Hanoi Architectural University, Award


Certificate of Lixil Inax Scholarship for excellent Architectural students, Award


Student research competition in Hanoi Architectural University, 2nd Place


13th International Student Design Competition (ISDC) in India, 1st Place


University English Competition, 3rd Place


Fellowship for good students awarded by Hanoi Architecture University, Scholarship


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