Lena Larionova

Lena Larionova

Los Angeles, CA, US


SCI-Arc Merit Graduate Thesis

Seeds of Wrath

This is an account of Dr. Otto Fram who, in 1983, faced with a set of unpredicted variables, led the construction of the North Pole Seed Vault and went missing.

Dr. Fram was the last to determine the position of the North Pole as moving North-East at about 11.6 km per year. The position was compiled at two hour intervals. Without the exact measuring tool, he adapted for use a one-meter thread borrowed from Dr.Collin's sewing kit. By throwing it onto surfaces at respective angles of the stairs, he created templates yielded by the attained random profiles. These were then applied to the levels of seed storage. Insofar as gains and failures of this method, which allowed for greater degree of vulnerability, he might have fallen victim of his own operation.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Coy Howard - Thesis Advisor
Esteban Cordoba, Liz Van Dyke - Contributions