Christian Lehmkuhl

Christian Lehmkuhl

Dallas, TX, US


Hong Kong Arts Pavilion

The design response for the West Kowloon Arts Pavilion is iconic both in its form and its use of innovative technology. Referencing the late 1960’s art & architecture collective Haus-Rucker-Co whose projects explored the perceptions of space, the Artsphere expands the visitors’ minds similarly to the artwork it houses. Its radical, contradictory form of soft pillows and sharp, pre fabricated structural spikes features a helioscopic print of film which when activated channels solar energy back in to Artsphere’s primary power source. The translucent envelope visually and audibly connects to the surrounding environment as the tips of each of the façade’s spikes house LEDs, loudspeakers and mist jets which produce a vibrant audio visual display and a new semi permanent canvas for public artists. The Artsphere’s flexible interior lends itself to rotating exhibitions of 2-D artwork, installations and performances by providing an expansive open space, integrated audio visual technologies and controlled levels of natural and artificial light. A glass elevator connects the ground floor to the site’s amenities “box” which appears to deflect the roof of the Artsphere, a design feature that is in fact a key structural component of the pavilion. Inside the floating box 2 office spaces, a storage area and public bathrooms are housed.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Additional Credits: Leeser Architecture