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The new Museum and Education Center of the Polytechnic Museum and Lomonosov State University is a ground-breaking institution aspiring to be a dynamic, participatory venue radicalizing research and discourse for the future of science and art.

As a finalist of the competition, LEESER Architecture’s design links the architecture of constructivism with the premise of today’s new technologies and the future development of the Polytechnic Museum and the Moscow Lomonosov University.

The sharp triangulated geometry of the new institute creates a unique image and instant global recognition for the new institution. The Center’s interior way finding uses augmented reality technology to guide the two audiences of users and visitors to their desired areas of the building, starting with a wall sized projection presented on the underside of the two large auditoriums. Information from these projections also sync to visitors personal electronic devices. 

The buildings sustainability goals are to achieve a comfortable environment through the use of natural means such as sun exposure, and natural winds, as well as highly efficient artificial lighting, efficient chillers and boilers, and through careful attention to the buildings openings and entrances. The “spiked” south façade allows for a multiple levels to absorb light and heat from the sun directly from the winter’s low hanging sun, providing maximum comfort in cold seasons. It also allows for a cooling shade over during summer when the sun is high, drastically reducing energy consumption year round.


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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Moscow, Russia