Laura Pachon

Laura Pachon

Melbourne, AU


Final DesignThesis

Final Design Thesis 2012
The thesis consisted of design research and a proposal for a competition to design a new Cathedral in Port au-Prince/Haiti.

The proposal is a strong architectural intervention at the heart of the site. The Hyperbolic Parabolic Curve was an ambition and constant study from the very beginning of the project; leading me to analyse and re-interpret the structures of Felix Candela.

The design of the cathedral consists of offering highly charged spiritual spaces where people can experience contemplative journeys on the way to the heart of the Cathedral. This design is the unification of the current surrounding environment (ruins) and the proposal of a new future and hope. The other function of the cathedral is to harvest rainwater; acting as a reservoir filters it into potable drinking water.

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Status: School Project
Location: Haiti
My Role: Architect Designer
Additional Credits: Edan Weis (Industrial Designer)