Laura Wang

Laura Wang

New York, NY, US



In Acupuncture, the bodily wellness is dependent on balanced internal flow of the energy-like entity called Qi. Similarly, the movement of city inhabitant plays a crucial role in generating the vibrancy and livability of a neighborhood. The project is a surgical and selective intervention into the urban environment that will revitalize an area and its associated network.

The Forestpark Southeast neighborhood is populated with countless vacant and abandoned lots, and experienced a 9% population decrease in recent years. However, it embodies great potential for the restoration of Urban Qi. Forestpark Southeast is conveniently located to major work and transportation nodes, such as Medical Campus and Highways. 

The Convenience and Enrichment Center encourages the fluid movement and interaction among commuters and local residents. The architecture facilitates an intimate relationship between the flow of pedestrians and automobiles. The proposal aims to generate an area of healing that reaches beyond the building boundaries through a balanced flow of Urban Qi in the entire neighborhood.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US
My Role: Desinger
Additional Credits: Washington University in St. Louis
Professor: Adrian Luchini