Christopher Michael Weir

Christopher Michael Weir

Swiftwater, PA, US



I am a graduate from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in landscape architecture. I enjoy public design, urban planning, master planning, high end residential landscape, landscape design, small space design, furniture making, industrial design, and photography.  a more detailed of my interests follows:

  • Focusing specific attention to the differences and connections created by intimate, personal and public spaces
  • Aiming to create emotionally safe atmospheres for the displaced in a public setting or a private sector
  • An interest in social experiments already existing in the site (in reference to public works)
  • Observing movement through a site and site layout
  • Developing environmentally sound spaces with a positive influence, managed over a period of phases
  • Creating artistic landscapes and landforms to be as functional as possible
  • To craft surrealist objects to create familiar pieces in unfamiliar ways
  • The reuse and reclamation of old materials, landscapes and designs to lessen the impact of new designs


MSB Architects, Hagerstown, MD, US, Intern Landscaqe Architect

Feb 2014 - current

Odd-Lot Outlet, Tannersville, PA, US, Manager

I utilize my colleagues in a way which maximizes their strengths and balances out their weaknesses. My job is to manage my coworkers in a way which promotes teamwork and positivity. When problems arise I work to find the most efficient solution possible and look for ways to maintain a high quality of service to our customers.

Worked in direct relation with customers on the floor pushing sales of products

Built morale amongst co-workers whilst managing human relations, organizing thoughts, fostering communication and creating a friendly environment with the primary focus being accomplishing the daily tasks at hand

May 2008 - current


The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), State College, PA, US, BArch, Landscape Architecture

Aug 2007 - Jun 2012

Scranton Preparatory School, Scranton, PA, US, High School, College Preparatory

Sep 2003 - Jun 2007


National Creative Achievement Award, 1st Place

Our group, IdeaLAB in association with Professors Peter Aeschbacher and Marcus Shaffer, were given a creative achievement award form 2012-2013 for our earnest and innovative work done with Penn State's Creative Campus in the Secret Life of Public Spaces.


Premio Piranesi, 1st Place

Working with a group of Italian architecture students, my group and I were able to create an intervention in the Villa Adriana which planned for a museum to be constructed seamlessly with existing ruins in the small town, an area to display the plentiful history and other visitor accommodations.


Areas of Specialization