laisné roussel

laisné roussel

Paris, FR


35 housings units in l'Hay-les-Roses - ZAC Paul H ochart - Lot 10

Lot 10, in the Paul Hochart’s ZAC, is part of a project development, fringes of the RN7, which aims to create new islands, in conjunction with the green corridor and the new tram line.

The island’s housing is part of the neighborhood project undergoing renovation initiated by Hay-les-Roses city. The mass S-shaped plan developed by François
Leclercq enables a gorgeous view from all the buildings towards the public space to the south, the east and the west.
The compostion of the building is rational but offers each of the housing double direction and a balcony for the living room.

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Status: Built
Location: L'Haÿ-les-Roses
My Role: Architect