Venice, CA


Taichung City Cultural Center

It is our view that urban interventions of minimal environmental impact and high visibility have the power to shift the perceptions of a neighborhood and hopefully shift common thought into the realm of what has never been done before, or what could be done.

The approach we took in designing the Taichung Fine Arts Museum and Library was to create a sustainable landmark. To become a landmark this project adopts a form that resists easy classification to free-associate with successive symbols of moods: the industrial, the utilitarian, the abstract, and the poetic. It combines maximum artistry with maximum efficiency. Given its location and placement, the figure of the building takes a geometrical stand in relation to the surroundings and creates a microcosm of the natural environment within public space, a reference to the natural landscape of Taiwan, an island known for its various altitudes and diverse microclimates.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Taichung, TW
Firm Role: Architect, Rendering
Additional Credits: Buro Happold