Kyle Daniele

Kyle Daniele

Secaucus, NJ, US



      When I graduated from high school, I was so sure I wanted to be an English teacher. I had a class my senior year that ignited my passion for storytelling, whether it was books, film, or great television. I loved that stories brought other worlds to you. They put you in the shoes of different people and ask, what would you do in their place? Stories inspire, scare, make you long, bring sadness, and overwhelming joy. Stories keep humanity together. I loved them for that.


      However, once I got to Rutgers University, I realized it was misguided passion. After taking a couple of introductory courses , I eventually found myself intrigued by all aspects of media and became a journalism major.  As time went on, it became clearer to me that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Journalism kept my passion in tact, but it also combined other elements that I found exciting like traveling and filmmaking.

     Currently, I'm a undergraduate student finishing my senior year at Rutgers studying journalism and digital communication, information, & technology. I'm involved with programming events on campus striving to create out of classroom experiences and eventually stories for fellow students to tell. I also help create and manage promotional videos within the Student Life department. I enjoy film, pizza, plaid shirts, and my beagle Snoopy.



Rutgers University Programming Association, New Brunswick, NJ, US, Director – Arts & Culture Committee

• Member of a seven-person executive board that oversaw business of programming association that plans over 200 programs on campus each year.
• Managed annual committee budget of $75,000 allocated for event supplies and marketing.
• Supervised a committee of five students responsible for events on campus that provide a diverse selection of educational and entertainment programs such as lectures, craft events, and interactive installations.
• Instructed students in research, vendor negotiations, marketing strategies, and event management while maintaining cohesiveness within the committee and conducting post-event assessment and reporting.
• Interacted with faculty and student organizations to collaborate on events.
• Researched and experimented with creative initiatives for programs and events that present a variety of artists and speakers in literature, music, theater, spoken word and dance
along with craft projects such as: Arun Gandhi & the Before I Die Wall.

Jun 2012 - current

Rutgers University Student Life Marketing Team, New Brunswick, NJ, US, Media Manager

• Responsible for recording video on location, editing videos, and maintaining a database of all recorded and edited materials.
• Weighed in on various projects and initiatives involving social media outlets and student organization interaction.
• Ensured client satisfaction by using organizational and problem-solving abilities.
• Worked with DSLR camera and lenses within the Canon EOS system.

Mar 2012 - current

Rutgers University Programming Association, New Brunswick, NJ, US, Assistant Director – Traditions & Community Committee

• Represented organization through campus-wide programming initiatives to build campus community and create shared experiences across university.
• Worked to create and build upon traditional events with creative new elements and outreach such as: Hot Dog Day, Homecoming Charity Bed Races, Picnic Day, Scarlet Harvest, and Guinness World Record Breaking events.
• Sought and coordinated cooperative initiatives with other organizations, academic departments, and faculty members.

Apr 2011 - May 2012


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US, Bachelors, Journalism & Media Studies

My studies have provided me with a broad spectrum of knowledge in the theory and practice of journalism and mass media, preparing me for a professional career in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cable television, the news agencies and wire services, publishing, and public information service in the government and private sectors.

My minor, Digital Communication, Information, and Media studies prepared me to lead in digital environments through a combination of technical, analytical, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skill sets. The program provides a strong theoretical background in interpersonal communication, information management, and media and design, and then utilizes the skills in real world projects and scenarios.

Sep 2009 - current

Areas of Specialization